I am in my early 30s, single mom, I have been divorced 2xs and i have a great job for not gone to collage. I Work a lot of hrs. And when I'm not at work I'm with my son. I have a boyfriend that I have been with for about 10 month. We want different things in life. But i think we are better friends. For the most part u think I have everything under control but inside I feel bad and angry. I guess I want more but I don't know what or how to get it. I really feel like I haven't accomplished much. Graduated from high school got pregnant got married BC I was pregnant lost my 1st husband to a ex friend. Married again he was a loser from hell didn't want to do anything. Once we got married he lost his job and didn't work or didn't want to do house work. All he did was played on his computer. I came home from work to do it all. So I divorced him. I feel cheated in my love life.
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Don't settle this time. Make sure he is the one. At this point you don't want to have your child see you keep going through guys.

You attract what you think about even on a small level from what you will allow. Take a year off to make yourself happy. Your man will find you. You have to be Lonely to appreciate good company. X keep trying your already ahead of most

You will be just fine! :)

I don't see much of a life together if you both want different things in life.

Are you happy with your son and new boyfriend? Because I feel like that's all that matters !

In very happy with my son. Not so sure with my boyfriend.

I know a little about where you're coming from. I feel like I've been cheated in my love life too. But you need to do what makes you happy and if you like to be independent and you're happy that way then so be it. No guy in this world is worth unhappiness when you have beautiful son that you love! Do what's best for you!

He's not a bad person, he is better then what I have had In the past. He's not contralive, abusive but he also doesn't want a.... I guess a family life. Doesn't want to get married or have kids. He just wants some one by his side to be with. And at one point I didn't want to get married but now I do. I don't want kids.

I don't know you, but I can tell that you wants something worth having. Sometimes you need to put differences aside and be happy and sometimes you need to do what's best for you. If he can't adapt to the family life there is someone out there who will and will do anything to be with you. Don't do what's best for him do what's best for you. Believe me I have had a lot of problems and I'm only 20, coming from a very broken family I learned things at a very young age that I probably shouldn't have. Listen to your heart

Thank you for taking time and reading what I wrote and for the advice.

Anytime I'm hear for you and it means a lot to me that I can have the ability to reach out to other people :) just listen to your heart

Stop settling. You've settled twice. Ditch the bf.

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