I was told that I'd regret getting tattoos.

I don't!

I was told I'd regret going out in just my panties (effectively) because of the type of person I'd attract.

I don't!

I accept I may not make that many good decisions in my life, but I will take responsibility just the same!
Dkfscom95 Dkfscom95
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hmmm. stupid?

was told I would do harder drugs if I smoked marijuana. I don't!

You are an adult your choices belong to you. Life is full of choices, we could not exist without them. Just try and remember all choices come with a price and sometimes that price is higher than we expected it to be, but it will be paid just the same.

I never wear underwear, so that would be a little hard for me to do. Lol.

You can both regret, and take responsibility for your actions. Not that you need to do both, just the latter.