I have never taken the totally conventional route in life.  Sure, I have married (twice in fact) and have always worked hard but I have a very strong rebellious streak and will often do things which could be said to be unconventional and in some people's eyes irresponsible.  

I was always plagued by pressure from my mother to do things her way.  Naturally I kicked against it constantly and it caused me a huge amount of heartache and a need to try to please my mother which was an impossibility of course.  But, inspite of this I always did my own thing, usually against her so-called better judgement and advice.

I know that many of my decisions in life haven't always worked out for the best.  I accept that and know that I could often have made better choices.  But the buck stops here with me.  I am not a victim of my upbringing nor of the way I was educated or treated in any way at all.  I have no regrets and don't allow myself the indulgence of looking back and wishing things could have been different.  My life is the way it has been through my own choices and actions, not because of anyone else.  I am happy with the person I am today.  I am the product of all the wonderful things which have happened to me and of all the not so good things too.  Each event which affects us, moulds us in some way and contributes to our character.  

Any choices I make now and into the future will be my responsibility too of course.  

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"You are confined only by the walls you build yourself".
And even when there are people affecting our destinies, it is only when we allow them to do so that such walls continue to grow.

Happy you're exploring, Blissy. There really is no other way.

I absolutely agree with you. When individuals own their own choices, neither blaming them on others, nor denying them with lies and spin, then such an individual has integrity. In so many ways we control our own destinies. :-)

Thank you for writing this story...... :-)

Very true, we are the masters of our own ship.

thanks for commenting funguy and lingerie .. making mistakes is a learning experience after all and all about owning your decisions and their outcomes!

You have said it you have no regrets , I can say also I have no regrets. That means to me you have lived your life the way you wanted and to the fullest you could. Good for you.

That is very well written and I feel very much the same way. I have always followed my own path and many times if there wasn't one I wanted to follow I cut my own. I have not always been right and I have made mistakes but I never blamed anybody else but took responsability myself.

thank you for commenting gmpp. I had forgotten about this story but on reading it again I realised how true it continues to be for me, no regrets about the past and nobody to blame for things that have gone wrong.

Very well said.I too have made choices which have not always been the best, but never could I blame anyone but me. I had really good, supportive parents who did their best for me, every step of the way. And stumbling I did, was all because I was not watching my steps. Not because they failed to teach me to walk or to stand on my own. I think I am pretty strong, but often very unwise.

Sounds like a great aim Amber ... keep focused ...

It would seem like a simple code to live by ... but unfortunately many seem to be unable to do it!<br />
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"an honest man's pillow is his peace of mind" ... that's really nice.

Yes, too true ... he was always saying wise things!!

Thanks for commenting Amber ... yes it is more exciting just to live, you're right.

I feel exactly the same way, although I see I"m joining a conversation that took place six months ago.... If everyone took such a position the world's troubles would be dramatically reduced, IMO.<br />
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Ah, timing is sometimes everyting, but I didn't know you all were here. ...andthe board has maintained.

thanks litw - all our decisions - good and bad make us who we are today - if I like me, which I do, how can I regret anything?

very true nudy.