Customer Service

I work in a gas station.  Daily their are issues, receipts don't print, pumps shutdown, we are out of coca- cola and we forget to ask for loyalty cards at POS, Yes all this and more. When customers come in and complain of service " I accept responsibility for my own actions. " If I have been too busy to replace receipt paper I will acknowledge this and hand you a receipt, If I forget to ask for your loyalty card I will add your points with a bonus. If we are out of coca cola I will acknowledge that I sold out because I didnt order enough stock, and will be sure to order extra next time.  If the pumps shut down I will likely already be trying to repair system and bring it back up. Now if only the customer would provide same courtesy when you put your card in backwards it is not my responsibilty to come out and put in the right way for you, there is a picture , a written instruction and a fullserve attendant outside all their to ensure you place it in correctly. If you cant read English directions bring an english  interpreter your lack of knowledge of the national language does not make it my fault that you cannot enter your card correctly. If you spill gas on your shoes while filling up it is not my responsibility to replace shoes, If I spill gas on your shoes while filling up your vehicle I will gladly replace them, This also applies to spilling your slurpee or coffee if you spill trying to juggle 5 large drinks up to the counter you pay if I spill it because I knock it over I pay. P.S. we have trays available for your convenience. :)

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Bless your Bones!!! I use to work out in the can't please people, if you are nice to some...being a women, some men use to take that as being flirty there is a huge difference in asking someone how they are? LOL