One Moment,it Shall Be.

The End.What a magnanimously subtle set of words, this pair is.Not only silent,yet also omnipotent in volume.Some may mourn with tears and fury.They may remember with festivals and memorial obelisks.These voices,regardless of mentality,acknowledge the Final Phase.




The irreversible event that is seemingly inevitable for all of us(The manner intended for this statement is the cessation of all biological functions.).I say seemingly, due to the perpetually transfiguring nature of this "universe" we are within.At the moment,things appear to be in order,yet such entities are not obliged to maintain this stagnant position.Despite this observation,it is generally assumed that all shall die.Post-life has been speculated since our advent of focused pondering.Bearing a soul,the intangible essence of a person,one journeys into another realm of existence where they reside in eternally in an environment of rapture,agony, or neutrality.The concept is denied by some of bearing existence at all.Overall,there is much wonder of what happens when one passes away.

As with all other unexplainable nature,Death is prone to be feared due to the uncertainty of what happens afterwards.It also has mixed views on it's acceptance.When a family member of a person has died,the act may be refused in terms of reality."No way." "Impossible...!" "NO!".Being the survivor of an event that is obscure,fear does indeed bear the potential to breed from the insecurity.Contrary,it can bestow understanding as well;the awareness of ones mortality enables a personal defining of the reason for existense.

As for myself,Death has not frightened nor traumatized me in it's various countenances.Carrion,my beloved canine passing away before us,alcohol,documentation;these are among the forms that Death had emerged in my life to date.In mid-adolescence,Death was of great interest to me because of it's enigmatic nature.Getting to know Death,I discovered that it is only a stage in the cycle of Life and that with every going is a coming.Pertaining to suicide,that sect of dying was also a fascinating entity.As I continued to ponder of Death,I've discovered a fear that I never thought about before:the fear of NOT dying.This transitory stop should be cherished for it's experience,interchanging among vast arrays of emotion within it's spectrum.Death is a blessing for it enables us to depart this world as opposed to persist in it forever.My being seeks for The End to be granted upon my calling to leave.A deathless world.It is the zenith of surreal statements.

Not only accepting The End,I also embrace it.





Kurainia Kurainia
18-21, M
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

Nice writing... Helps me better understand you more, dear.

Death does not worry me at all, have all the knowledge about the self, i know am a spiritual being use the body as a medium to express myself in this physical 3 dimentional world.

Well written. I agree with your final statements, and would like to add that I have never worried much about it. Since I don't know where I was before birth, I don't need to know where I might be, or if I might be, after death. Life has been a great experience so far. A gift. I take it as it comes.