Creationism & Paranoia

I just can't understand the mindset of people who still deny Evolution & continue to cling to literal Biblical Creationism.
It seems to me you've got to believe
When God Created the world he also created all the fossils as a perverse test of your blind faith
For over a century a vast network of natural scientists have conducted an immense & bizarre conspiracy for no other reason than to undermine your beliefs.
Either way its seems to refect a state of paranoia.
As I understand it Darwin's theory doesn't deny the possibility of a Godlike creative intelligence working in the background but it says this isn't necessary to explain the observable physical evidence & appreciate how different species evolve.
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Thanks Keasbey...I don't know if that's true but it sounds perfectly reasonable to me.<br />
From a scientific point of view if no evidence could be found for God's involvement in the evolutionary process why would you choose to include him/her in the theory?<br />
I think the answer is only to address wider social implications.