Environment Equals Evolution

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Environment equals Evolution
First ape, then man, then superman? As evolution slowly takes it’s time to improve mankind, many on the underbelly of technology are working on ways to speed up the process. Rumors circulated and finally found their way to us, rumors claiming that certain medical research companies have found a way to speed up evolution.

A machine invented by unnamed conspiring scientists is said to be able to take a single cell and speed the aging process millions of times over. Essentially they are able to take any kind of creature, be it man, beast or plant and see what it will look like after evolution has maxed out. The outcomes vary depending on what strains the scientists choose to put it through. For instance, when a squid was put into this machine and advance by four million years it came out with over 50% more brain capacity than man. When the machine was set to interfere with “natural” evolution of the squid and toxins were added to the environment they live in, scientist watched as the creature slowly moved from the sea to land. They were able to cool the temperature of the environment .00000005 per year for 5 million years and gauge the reaction. Out came the wholly squid, much larger and very hairy.

My source was not willing to go on record but gave us information on the vast number of creatures they evolved and how each change influenced it. He stated that since we would not be able to anticipate the environment in the distant future, none of these are set in stone. However, he noted that in regards to man given the current pace we’re headed, with the green house effects and the take over of manual labor by machines, we look more like the infamous greys than humans. He stated that it makes sense that we would end up like the familiar alien figures of popular science and this machine proves it. Our brains would grow in size while the lack of necessary labor would shrink our bodies. The lack of protection from the suns harmful rays would force us indoors or underground almost exclusively and we would lose our pigment variations and hair. Essentially we are the un-evolved version of them. He did restate however that environment more than anything shapes our future when it comes to evolution.

Here’s a list of some of the outcomes of varying animals when put into this time warp.

Creatures that becomes smarter than man:
Elephants: become the smartest and most compassionate creatures on the planet.
Dolphins: almost as smart as elephants but vain.
Bald Eagle: has a mind for justice, grows arms as well as wings within 300,000 yrs.
Mice: within 10,000 they control the cheese.
Panda: Smart and proud but hairless.
Creatures that become extinct:
Dogs and Cats: evolve at the same rate and war will kill one another off.
Cows: best are taken to the steakhouse leaving weak to rule.
Penguins: can not handle climate change.
Lions: become too small to compete and would be wiped out by ancient victims.

Most drastic changes:
Dogs, cats and other pets will lose hair: allergies force change in animal kingdom.
Chickens lose feathers: nature saved them pain and farmers time.
Frogs fly.
Sharks move to land.

Some men and women take to the sea full time, grow gills and rule the waves.
As stated before, none of these scenarios are set in stone. We have a certain amount of control over evolution, at least as far as our environment is concerned. So if you don’t want gills, protect our air, if you don’t want to be small with a huge noggin, work out and lay off the aerosol cans. Either way, destiny seems to be a clay pot ready for molding, just be careful of how you shape it.
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3 Responses Jun 25, 2012

You're calling it the wrong thing. No matter how much you "improve" man--or any other animal, it isn't evolution. A better man is still a man, a better dog is still a dog. If what you say is true it could be a wonderful thing--but it ISN'T evolution Love Noelle

Evolution is determined by environment. As man is part of the environment, man impacts the evolution of other species. Domestic breeds of animals and the impact that agriculture has had on plant species is direct and clear evidence of man's impact on evolution.<br />
<br />
Man has already had a massive impact in terms of shaping the evolution of other animals and plants. This has already happened.

Well provided that all the population in any given area is subjected to the constant changes in the environrnment then maybe. however, manual labour ain't gonna disappear anytime soon. So long as we breed with the odd worker in the sweatshops we should retain our biceps!