Ive been growing up with a lot of close mindedness. You'll hear me sy that a lot the more stories I write. This town isnt something I love. Neither do I love the state. One of the reasons is because a lot of people here walk around in complete stupidity. I would lie if I just said ignorance. They have chances just like everyone else to read up on things and explore things mentally and make up their own minds about topics. They don't.
In middle school, I was taught by a (beloved) but very religious teacher about evolution. Althouh I'm a Christian, I guess I'm a weird kne. I believe in both science and y religion and I don't let people dissuade me. But in middle school, it was different. I was looking for acceptance ad appreciation from my peers. They didn't give it to me. But I bonded with that teacher. She told me and the students in the class that evolution says humans come from monkeys. I was disgusted that anyone would think that. I hated it and everything I thought it stood for. Mainly atheism. Throughout my years in middle school and for the first year of high school, this misconception was reiterated by lots of teachers, especially the science ones. So I took it as the truth. Y boyfriend and his brother tries to tell me what I know now. But it wasn't until I had a really wonderful teacher that made me understand. In a session in class, he was letting us ask him questions about (shady) things we heard from other teachers. A lot of them had taught us things out of ignorance or had given us incorrect information. He called them PPTs (**** poor teachers), and set us on the right lath mentally. Someone, i don't know who, began talking about evolution and the class erupted in a big riot that it was wrong and "I didn't come from monkeys!" He had to yell to make is quiet and when we finally shut ul, he told us "Darwin never stated that humans came from monkeys. Never. He just said we share a common ancestor." From that point kn, I understand much better. I can't say the same for the rest of the class who still thinks he said we came from money's but in a different way. But I hate it when people say they don't believe in evolution. I rarely or maybe even never argue with them. Most people think they're being religious when they say they disagree with evolution and it's hard to get people to budge when they're under the impression they're doing something noble. But to not believe in evolution would be saying you didn't believe in adaptation, natural selection. All that's a part of evolution.
I just wish more people were more open minded and knowledgable about it before they made up their minds. I also feel saying that you don't believe in evolution is kind of like saying you don't believe God can do everything. And since most people who don't believe in evolution are religious, this usually at least catches their attention.
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I believe that science should be 'scientific'. In other words -question ,hypothesis, testing, and um? >>>(what you found out), and lastly you have your answer. Unless you don't. But for some Neo-Darwinist, "Evolution" is a religion. If you disagree with them on ANYTHING, they call you names or yell. I believe there is such a thing as evolution. Consider the horse. We have a clear fossil record of how the horse . It was once a small mammal with paws. We have really NO proof of any of the other claims - that a 'soup' magically became alive. My belief in GOD, regardless to how similar He/She/They is/are to Yahwah as portrayed in the BIBLE, is not in any way dependent on HOW human beings came to be. But it's not scientific to blindly agree to claims that have not been substantiated.

Of course, it is true that Darwin never said that man descended from monkeys. People who think that clearly have no understanding of what Darwin was saying. How then can you condemn something you don't even understand in the first place? Unfortunately, only a fool would do that.<br />
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It strikes me that any Christian who reacts angrily to Darwin and starts screaming about monkeys must be the kind of person who doesn't think about things seriously. They have probably not thought that seriously about their own religion - they just accept it as true because that is what their peers have told them to do and they want to fit in. In effect their faith is therefore ba<x>sed, primarily, on a desire to fit in and not on any genuine conviction ba<x>sed on reasoned enquiry. That means their faith is not really especially substantial - it can only be maintained by closing the mind to any uncomfortable questions and screaming about monkeys.<br />
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Challenges to the beliefs of such people can only be dealt with by ignoring them or shouting them down. They cannot be met with reasoned argument or critical thinking - because such people have never developed the ability or the will to argue reasonably or think critically. That is why they are frightened of Darwin and what he has to say.

In my experience, both Neo-Darwinists and fudimentalist Christians react the same way - closed minded.

I find that is the case with many topics. Someone makes a statement that ignites a rage or disgust, and people repeat it without going to the direct source on the topic. In a class that I had, many of my classmates where quoting all of these second hand sources. I quoted directly from Darwin (thinking to myself, 'Y'all know the guy who came up with all this stuff actually wrote about it, and you can go read what he said and come up your own opinion?).