The theory of evolution isn't something you accept or not. It just is! It barely requires concious thought to see it and feel it in every pore of your body.
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neurOticism, Your first paragraph doesnt make much sense unless you assume its an exercise in using the word **** as muich as possible. Your second applies as much to yourself as anyone else, and the third after reading 2 or 3 times bear in mind that this was a thread posted and therefore is an invitation to discuss. If you dont like the subject or the discussion dont join in.<br />
Therefore if you cut out the swearing the non logical thought and the unneccessary words there sure aint much left

I would have to be crazy not to agree with you.

Its funny how everyone got so heated. Maybe that's what caused the big bang? God and His Wife arguing. She was all "Evolution" this and he was all "Creationism" that and BOOM! Here we are. <br />
Really i wasn't trying to start an argument. Everyone chill. You can think everything bl<x>inked into existance, you can think there was a big bang. You can not even think (as some of the comments suggest) if you'd like. This story did not actively persue your comments so go open a jar of peanut butter already and prove yourself right.

Seems to me that NeurOticism is the only one out of line. Sure the topics are based on thoughts held passionately to each individual. That does not mean that we can not talk like adults here. I agree with anotherhuman and NoBullshit. If you don't like to have these conversations, don't join this group discussion. The group is clearly named: Accept the theory of evolution. If you don't accept it, it is a very clear title that indicates what the discussion will be. I really think that if you were being honestly open-minded about this you would let the group be and not talk here if you don't like the subject.

Having a very young daughter, I am not looking forward to having to dispel some of what she will hear. I really hope she will be in an education system that knows how to keep religion at bay (I am fundamentally opposed to prayer in schools)... The last thing I want is for her to live in fear of "eternal damnation", when I'd like her to focus freely on what she wants to explore and understand.<br />
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<p>bluegeorgia - <i>My problem comes when I am told my beliefs are wrong for no other reason than someone believes differently</i> have you ever considered the possibility that some parts of your beliefs could actually be demonstrably wrong? that the people who interact with you may be wrong in <b>how</b> they approach helping you to open your eyes to different beliefs, but that some of <b>what</b> they say may be more truthful that some of what you believe? <br />
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<p>All I am saying is that beyond what we believe in, what defines character, in my own mind, is how we react to finding out that we were wrong. And corollary, what do we do to find out? Some people are content to embrace ideas imparted on them in their childhood, without ever so much as questioning them. I was brought-up in the belief that part of the personal maturation process was to regularly put every and all of one's beliefs/truths to the test of reality, recognize when I was wrong, and move on with new thoughts.<br />
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<p>Mankind is where it is today because of people who questioned the consensus and developed new ideas. Today some scientific theories have been established as truths. I am not so much saying that Darwin's evolution is complete or demonstrably true, as I am saying that Creationism is a blatant insult to thinking. I have no problems with people believing in it, or even with people who do not believe in it making money out of the credulity of some of us. We are all adults, and what we do at home is a private matter... no, what infuriates me is that I may no be able to stay in this country if I want to protect my baby daughter against these nonsense.

ElLagarto -- I sometimes wonder if these same third of Americans believe that the world is flat, that Santa Claus is real, and that GWB is a great President.<br />
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It's also curious to me that these people who don't seem to believe in science go around using and enjoying the technology that has been created through scientific discovery.<br />
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God didn't event the Internet or EP.

I heard the other day that a full third of all Americans do not believe in the theory of evolution - I find this unspeakably depressing. Some people want so called "creationism" taught in schools as science! It's appalling.

Of course, Blue...be my guest! :)

I like the disclaimer notice.. Can I use that?

The theory of evolution just has a few too many holes for my personal comfort. I am a great believer in science, but at the same time I see as clear as day to me that science cannot explain everything. The very scientists that are doing the research will tell you that science cannot explain everything. That is where my faith in a power greater than myself must take over. My faith that something or someone greater than myself is at work in this world around us, and in the universe around us. For instance, the big bang theory... that the entire universe and all matter within it exploded from one huge event...if that is so, then what created the initial "thing" that exploded? One of the most basic scientific principles that we are all taught is that matter never truly disappears, it simply changes form... if that is so, then something must have existed in order to have banged big....so what exploded to create the universe? (if one were to follow the "big bang theory", that is)...<br />
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I prefer to believe in the word of my Lord, when He tells me that He created the world and everything in it and around it. I know the bible says "7 days" and many people want to take that very, very literally...however from what I understand in Biblical numerology the number 7 simply refers to "a completion", not a concrete linear number as we know it. I know that idea is not shared by everyone here and to me that is perfectly okay...<br />
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I really do not wish to be attacked for my view here, and I certainly do not wish to be cussed at or virtually yelled at for expressing a view contrary to someone else's. I am not saying that your views are wrong, or that you should believe as I do. I would never presume to tell someone that they should have the same measure of faith as I do--that is not my job in this world. I am simply stating my own point of view as there are some very interesting thoughts noted here tonight.

You have to understand that in dealing with God you're deealing with omniplotence-----He can do anything he wants in a billion years or seven minutes. Otherwise He isn't God. Seconbd God is timeless he views all of existence together. He devised Time for our finite minds. Read over day four. That was the start of the cxosmic clock. So nothing about time affects God. Again, otherwise He wouldn't be God. Start with those two points and see what happens.

anotherhuman, My problem comes when I am told my beliefs are wrong for no other reason than someone believes differently. I respect others beliefs and will not tell someone they are wrong. I will listen to what they believe, tell them mine and I can and am willing to debate.<br />
You can't really debate beliefs though. you can learn and you can understand. You can grow yourself by doing this.<br />
But don't call people names because they have a belief other than yours. This story says to me. " If you have a brain you know evolution is fact." That is the message I get. I should really stay away from these stories and after you and I are done with our discussion I think I will from now on.

A prime example of my theory is your comments as well as mine

Religion and beliefs cause more anger than debate.<br />
Religion and belief are the most passionate subjects that are discussed on this site. So we disagree.

When I was a kid, I used to get angry at some people I saw as the slackers of the specie, for not pulling their own weight. I was facing the same difficulties as anyone else accepting that we are mortal, and that there is nothing to do about it, plus a large number of what were to me obvious realities. Looking around me, I would get angry at the adults that I saw escaping these realities, escaping their own responsibility in the continuation of the specie. Thinking about mankind, I viewed them as parasites seeking a free ride through life, never having to face reality, never having to find the internal courage to function despite its harshness, never having to stretch themselves and always criticizing what they feared.<br />
<p>Growing up, I was particularly outraged at the thought of the church's hypocrisy, on the one hand making every attempts to curtail progress in every possible way, and on the other hand harboring a fleet of private jets like no other private corporation. I used to think that in the end, for as mistaken as I saw them, the Hamish were the only people whom I could respect for their ability to align their beliefs with their actions.<br />
<p>On bad days, I used to go so far as question the utility of a brain in some people who's beliefs appeared to me as from another century, and an insult to the legacy of hundreds of years of brilliant philosophers. I had this image that while some people were busy trying to better mankind, a large number of slackers were equally busy preventing it. Mind you, I was 15, and influenced by my reading of A.Huxley.

There is no proof either way, to post these stories is to show you are wanting to make trouble and incite anger and hatred. <br />
These are the kinds of posts that start drama and get people upset. Why do you want to do this. <br />
I can only assume that you want to upset and anger people. And for me to assume this barely requires conscious thought to see it and feel it in every pore of my body.

Why is it so ******* hard for you ******* to accept that others will believe what the **** they want to believe? If I want to believe a ******* spoon can get up and ******* kill on sight then it is my choice to do so whether I die, get maimed, swallow a load or nuke the entire ******* world at the press of a button.<br />
<br />
Just because you believe it, say it, think it, feel it, don't feel it, doesn't mean it's right.<br />
<br />
I have said that to my own beliefs numerous times. So do me a favor and get the hell off our backs.

Well your roomate needs to get out more. Poor religious people their eyes so stuffed with wool.