I Mean What The Hell?!!

this boy
lets call him T
when my N ( my no boyfreind but wasnt then )
asked me out T freaked
he went commpletely mad at me and crazy
i had really liked him
like that too but N was more
i had explained to T at the startthat hes was one of my best friends and
my beta and he was soo cool with it
it rocked for ages
then N asked me out on christmas day na di was over the moon
i said yes and we were soo happy!
then i told my beta, T, about it and BOOM!
he goes nuts and freaks saying how he was about to ask me and how i had back stabbed him and betrayed him
he called me some messed up stuff but i forgave him
because he means alot to me
he is still a bit wierd now
but i think i nearly healed it
i know i wasnt in the wrong and i told him to get his arse in gear
and i told him everything
how i felt
what had happened
and he calmed a little but he still comes out and says he hasnt forgiven me and i am fiercly loyal so will not let him be hurt
he knows this and he is still the boy i trust and have fun wioth!!!!!
it is nearly healed!!!! i think things are better
wish me luck commanders
just wanted to tell u guys
i still dont get why hes mad at me but its ok
i will find out
im determined and when that happens
its like telling a bull to back down whilst waving a red flag
fridaygurl fridaygurl
18-21, F
Jan 20, 2013