I've done this a few times.
The first time I was a young teen. I was walking to school(2miles) it was pouring with rain and I and my brother were soaked.
As we got to the bridge. About halfway. A lady pulled up in a mini. She asked if we were going to the secondary school. We said yes and she then offered us a ride.
Part of me knew this was wrong. But this was mid '70's. so still lots of free thinking people about. Not polarised 'everyone you meet is a potential child molester' scaremongering like you get today.
Turns out, she was the music teacher at the junior school down the road.
From then on. If she saw us on our way to school she would always stop and give us a ride.
Now this one IS scarey!
I'd been on the road all day. Meetings all over the place.
I could have stayed in the area I'd finished up in. Which was just outside London. Got the train back in the morning.
But I was so close to getting home. (120 miles or so) I thought I'd keep going.
Got to Norwich train station about an hour after the last bus had gone.
So I'm about 25 miles from home. Thinking, oh well have to walk.
By now it's about 7pm and i figure if I'm lucky I'll be back around midnight. So off I go on the only route I know which is the one the bus takes.
Anyway. An hour or so into my walk. It's dark. There's a slight mist. And the dual carriageway has been replaced by a narrow B road. No pathway either side so I'm walking in the direction of oncoming traffic. As you are supposed to. And I can hear all kinds of weird stuff!
This is open countryside. Few houses just miles of farmland. And still I can hear this weird engine noise.
On I go and the road curves round to the right quite sharply. So I'm thinking, this is where I get killed by some drunk driver and no one will ever find me!!
Paranoia does kinda get to you when you're tired, in a strange place, not exactly keeping yourself safe!
I can still hear this engine noise and I'm sure it's a vehicle rather than a piece of farm machinery.
But as I slowly make my way round this blind bend, the mist has turned to fog, the atmosphere is very wet and yours truly is starting to get a bit nervous!
So. I'm slowly edging round this bend and I can see the end of it! So I decide to run, quick so that I can get on the straight bit and any driver MIGHT see me! (Before knocking me flying into a hedge!)
Just as I was in sight of this straightening of the road, this cars headlights illuminate the foggyness all around me and I'm thinking.
"This is it!" "This is where you get killed and it remains a great mystery whatever happened to you until one day a farmer spots your bones in a hedge!!!"
The headlights get nearer and nearer and the engine growls louder and LOUDER!!!
And at this point. For some reason. I throw MYSELF into this hedge thinking better I try and AVOID getting squished rather than making it easy for him! (See what I mean about the way you think?)
The car. Speeds past with this really throaty engine noise. I then hear the brakes just as it PASSES me!!!!!
I pull myself from the hedge. Battered. Cut. Bruised. Wet. Pissed off! Tired! But continue to walk!!!
Fifty feet further on down the road is this car! Stopped! Engine still running! (Ever read/see Stephen King's Christine?????)
As I moved up toward this car. I'm filled with trepidation. Fear. My heart is in my mouth!
And this guy gets out.
"Jeez buddy! Are you O.K?" An American accent!?!
I said yes and explained what I was trying to do. Boy did I feel stupid!
The guy asks where am I going and I explain my sorry tale.
He says he can get me 6 miles from home if I want a ride.???
So. On that cold. Dark. Wet. Night. Battered
Bruised. Shattered. I decide it might be worth the risk of accepting a ride from this American guy. Driving one of those beautiful old 50's style automobiles from America that he's in the process of restoring. Hence the weird,growling noise I'd heard whilst walking.
His name was Anthony. And he was from Brooklyn, New York. He was over in the UK to see his girl who is in the USAF at one of the airbases here.
Turns out. We had quite a bit in common!
He knew the town I lived in. Knew London quite well. Had been to the same university
as I had!
He dropped me a few miles from home. We shook hands and wished each other well.
And I hobbled home the last few miles thinking what a wacky,weird world it is!
And how the thoughtfulness of a complete,foreign stranger had helped me that day!
picklebobble picklebobble
51-55, M
Aug 20, 2014