My first accidental flashing was at a lingerie store. It was late afternoon in the early 2000's. I wanted to buy speedos. I went into a small (15 x 8 feets) lingerie shop, where the shopkeeper was a young girl. It was in january, so she has not got any speedos, but has several dark male underwear. The fitting room was at the corner of the shop with a courtain before it. I totally undressed (so I was naked), and started to fit the underwear she gave me. Of course I tried several briefs, and she willingly gave me several sizes and colors. As she gave in the underwear I didn't close the curtain and it remained open between two changes. I became erected. Finally she offered to check the looks. As far as I remember, she liked what she saw. :)
In that time it was not so common to be totally shaven down there. Even for girls... I think she liked the looks of my totally shaven pubic area and my hairless body.
So this was my first "accidental flashing" experience.
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Luck girl
Wish it could have been me

That doesn't sound very "accidental" to me lol

Maybe I'm stupid, but typically you would not go into a lingerie store for speedos.