I Ask My Wife To Show Accidental Nudity

I ask my wife to show her 'asset' accidently to strangers.

My wife always pretend to say No - No, but i know by her expression she likes my ideas.

Once i asked her to show her assed underskirt to hotel staff. I planned everything and told her. It happened as below-

I asked her to wear short flared skirt without panty and sit on the sofa. I spread eatables on the floor near sofa in front of it and called sweeper to wipe out.

As sweeper was cleaning the floor, pretending to allow him clean floor easily, she lifted her both legs and put at the edge of sofa just about a feet apart so her ***** could be seen to him (in close M shape).

The sweeper was almost flabbergausted and his mouth opened. He was looking dazed. His hands stopped for a moment but he managed to continue looking quickly at my wife's *****.

I was so hot and erected looking my wife's nude ***** just in front of sweeper.

When sweeper went i jumped on her on bed and had great sex. She was also hot and wet in just 5 minutes exhibition.

Too hot experience.
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10 Responses Mar 15, 2013

Very erotic

Superb idea.. I will try this with my wife.. Ddid you tried it panty less?

Good show.

great story.That guy must have shared with his friends what miracle he saw in your room.

My wife has got very beautiful breasts. It is a charming fun to see her nipples firming up as she her libido warms up. It was her second birthday since we got married.
She painted her bare top to look like a low cut blouse and came to open the door to greet me.

Wow.. only her perky nipples could tell the tale she was n't actually wearing a blouse!

We were together in a big laugh at the door.
Heard a knock at the door and i opened it.

It was the neighbouring landlord friend to greet my wife on her birthday.

He smiled courteously wishing her "Many happy returns of the day".

His gleaming smile slowly broadened as his eyes moved down her cleavage!
Her perky nipples slowly throbbed to poke up still firmer!She was into a great blush, but I could sense she was into a greater thrill smiling back to him!After he leaving she asked me if he understood she was topless.
I saw her eyes glimmering in a rousing excitement on I asking her if n't his eyes were staring at her nipples......

yes, wives love to expose in front of their hubby. Love her attitude. She must be pretty.

Yeah, sure, definitely toooo HOT! Thx for sharing ;-)

The accidental on purpose exposure... so hot as you know she is getting hot and bothered by doing it

yes, exactly.

lets see her beautiful window to heaven

wmndn, do you need house help?

Perhaps . Two men can do a JOB better!

Thank you for sharing. My wife has also exposed her ***** to strangers and it is scary and exciting at the same time.

yes, it is exactly - scary and exciting at same time !!