Naked At Home

When i left my parents house for my own home, I discovered the joy of nudity. Any state of undress was frowned upon by my parents since the age if puberty. Having my own space allowed me freedom. I spent all day at home nude, even in my garden. My parents knew nothing of my nudity. One day I was tending to my garden, when my mother and sister arrived unannounced. They had the pass code to my gate, and as they came into the garden got a shock. I had my back to them wearing only flip flops. I heard a nous and turned around. Immediately not knowing what to do, and with nothing to cover my flaccid penis, I casually sad hello. I was immediately asked if I wanted to dress to avoid any embarrassment. I told them I wasn't embarrassed and was alright the way i was. I invited them inside the house for a drink. My mother said she was uneasy being around her son nude, but i said this how i live. I remained naked the whole time they were there. My father turned up an hour or so later. I suggested they should try it themselves, either here or when they got home. They never have. When they visit now they expect to see me naked.
Baz2909 Baz2909
36-40, M
Aug 25, 2013