I Tend to Cut Myself

Okay, this type of cutting has nothing to do with suicidal cutting which is a serious issue; just so you know :)

I am sometimes a clumsy person, especially when I am tired, and therefore I have lots of scars/marks on my hands :P

On the back of my left hand I have a thin but long scar (10 cm); I got it three years ago when I forgot that I was holding a pair of open scissors in my right hand and accidentally smacked my right hand onto my left hand (like some kind of magnetic attraction... lol)

On the same hand (on the back side) I've got a small but broad scar; I've had it for ages... I think it was a knife...

On the thumb of the same hand I've got a minor scar; two month ago I cut myself with a rasp when I was building a trebuchet with my friend.

I've also cut myself with a metal butter knife (I was watching television at the same time as digging the knife into my finger [yeah, I missed the butter]); with the knife inside a food processor (luckily it was not spinning, but I was young and wanted to rotate it with my hand); with broken glass; with flintstone; with my friend's stupid cactus and plenty of other extremely sharp and pointy objects :P !

Hehe :P I am clumsy; but a little pain is always good to endure (to remind oneself that one is alive =D)

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ah i know how u feel about the cactus. I thought, that doesnt look very sharp, and I actually have a tiny scar on my finger because of it, oops.. I seem to have loads of scars on the back of my hands to.. I even have on my thumb, which I remember doing when I was messing around with a not so sharp tooth pick, it slipped and sliced into me.. strange! :P .. I hope you dont hurt yourself any more :P

i feel werie now :O

ouch!! LOL you tried to build a trebuchet?<br />
I made a set of paper wings once and jumped out of a tree to test them.....

Well... I can completely relate to being clumsy. Although I am more embrassed by mine. Because I tend to not pay attention where I am going and I fall or run into things. Even walls... I think that I sprained my ankle(s) at least ten times and fractures my right twice! Also I think that I have sprained my wrist half a dozen times and 'jammed' every single finger at least once! It's not fun! I think though I am a lot better in recent years! Good luck to you all!

I know what you mean...clumsy as you are but I tend to hit my knees against chair, tables, walls...When I'm distracted I forget to look where I'm going so I go against them...<br />
But cutting is a bit more serious...you can hurt yourself really bad...Be careful!