So Much For Being An "expert" (not For Easily Nauseated)

I was told over 17 years ago that douching while menstruating was causing me to keep getting Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). Most people think of it in terms of sexually transmitted but lucky me, I just was trying to keep extra clean and because of my sensitive sense of smell I went above and beyond. So I also had to stop taking baths and could only take showers. They said due to having so many PID episodes and severe ones I was sterile....that was in 1994 I got pregnant by a stranger who I met after mixing tons of alcohol with Benadryl and blacked out. 10 months later....a baby girl was born despite him telling me GET RID OF IT. IT? IT? It's a living breathing baby, not an inanimate object you *******.

At any rate.......due to my cervix being thinned out (yeah I got pregnant between 1999-2000 within six months despite using BCP AND condoms ...WTF???? They didn't have holes, they didn't bust. I have strong muscles down there and I can rip one off and have to go to E.R. when that happens and have removed so I don't get an infection. So I am thinking ok no more babies......NOT SO FAST. 2005 while finishing up University for 2 yr degree with pre-teen BLAM! I got pregnant within 24 hours of losing my job with a company I'd been with 5 years...a lifetime for me. Complications as usual and culminated in yet another emergency c-section. By this time I was livid....So I had signed for papers to have tubal ligation at same time as emergency c-section. HA! Can't get pregnant now! What bad luck to meet a man that I not only fell in love with but actually WANTED to bear a child to and can't. Ah irony we meet yet again....
DieKatzeSchreibt DieKatzeSchreibt
Jul 12, 2011