I Accidentally Killed My Hedgehog

Somehow my hedgehog had escaped from his cage, he has never ONCE escaped! He had decided to bury himself into my laundry, I had no idea he was in there. When I got home, I dumped the bag of laundry into the wash. Once the clothes were ready to put  in the dryer, I had noticed my hedgehog just lying there. I could not believe what I saw, it seemed impossible, what are the odds of my hedgehog getting mixed in with my laundry!  I couldn't pick him up as I was too scared to look and hysterically crying. I had my brother come look and we had a proper burial for him. But I feel terrible, I keep thinking if I would have looked through the laundry before I put it in the washer, he would still be alive.  I still have no idea how he would've escaped, or how he got into my laundry bag. I am a huge animal lover and really feel like a terrible person this is like the worst thing that could've happened. I really loved my hedgehog and I really hope he is in a better place!
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I allow my hedgehog to free roam, and while I have lost track of him I've never "lost" him for longer than a few minutes. I'm super sorry for how your pet died, and I'm sure you feel just awful. However, because you mentioned you still have a hedgehog, I wanted to remind you that hedgehogs are very sneaky. They are great escape artists and they hide themselves and any problems they may be having very well. I check in on my hedgehog very frequently, Almost as if he were a baby, to ensure that he is safe and sound with food and water. Going forward my advice is to make sure you keep up with your pet, don't leave him unattended for too long, since they aren't vocal animals, you may miss when they are injured, missing, or in need of additional care. I am very sorry for your loss, I can't imagine how you feel but remember this ordeal doesn't have to happen again and is 100% preventable.

Thats so horrible, i have a hedgehog named herbert and we built him a cage (all petstore ones are too small for him to run around and have a good life) but the top is totally open and i am always worried he will escape,,im sure your hedgie is in hedgehog heaven :)

I still have my other hedgehog! ;) But yes, I will be more careful an make sure I always check the laundry! The laundry bag was up against the wall though, so still not sure how he would've climbed up and into the bag? I am sure he had fun burrowing through all my clothes before he died, but still sad to know that he is gone ;( Butterball was so sweet and he had a good life while he was alive. I will miss him everydayyyy!!

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your pet. I do hope that you have found out how your pet escaped from his cage so that you can make the adjustments to the cage for your next pet or before giving it away or selling it. <br />
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Burrowing animals will burrow in anything and if they can't burrow in soil, they will find something else. Your hedgehog saw a pile of laundry and that became an ideal place to burrow through. <br />
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Buy yourself a hamper and always, always, check your clothes as you place them into the laundry. I'm sure you will never have another hedgehog hiding in your clothes, however, it is always a good procedure to check all pockets etc. before placing items in the laundry to prevent damage or destruction to anything important you may have placed in your pockets. <br />
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Maybe your story can help others who have the same/similiar pets to be careful about their cages and cleaning their room to prevent a potentially dangerous or hidden area a pet can climb into...to prevent another pet tragedy from occuring. <br />
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I do hope that you are able to care for and love another pet soon.

There are so many stories on this group that involve animals meeting their fate in a tumble dryer, they are like the silent pet killer of the modern household :-(. I am also sorry for your lose. RIP hedgehog.

There are so many stories on this group that involve animals meeting their fate in a tumble dryer, they are like the silent pet killer of the modern household :-(. I am also sorry for your lose. RIP hedgehog.

I didn't even know a person could have a pet hedgehog but i am sorry for your loss.