In Memory Of My Loving Bird!

In memory of my loving Bird!

I had a Bulbul.
28 August 2011, will be a day that i'll never forget.
Accidentally i slept on my little baby bird. Its been two days now and i am still full of tears.

15 days back i rescused her from monkeys(in India Monkeys may roam around just like that) and i never knew that i will be the cause of her death. I am under such a guilt, i wont be able to forget her lying dead on my bed.

I dont know but since child i have such unconditional nurturing feel for animals, she was very young when i brought her home, she took her first flight right in front of me that day i felt so happy.
Day after day i used to pray for her healthy life but on that day i forgot to pray for her, i never knew that i had to pay such heavily for it.

I used to take her along with me at my office and then back to home, sooner she started recognizing me, she used to retaliate my whistles, she used to fly to me, she was so small that she hardly new how to pick food from her beak.
Due to Air-conditioning in my room i thought that she might need some warmth so one day i brought her to my bed, i used to be careful, we got used to each other, one night my mom entered my room and removed my blanket, picked her up and kept her inside her box. That day i was restless, i didnt sleep properly and kept looking inside the box within small intervals.

Next day she only flew to me for sleep.The process continued for another couple of days.
On 28th August night i was tired and slept early, the little bird was with my mother. After playing with her she safely kept her inside her box sooner she was out of the box. Since she was very young and hardly flew in a proper manner, she was stuck behing the door.
My dog came when he heard this noise, i also woke up and then thought that she might be missing me and so wanted to fly to me for her sleep but due to dark she could navigate so i took her along and slept.
It had been a long day for me and i was very tired, at 2:00 AM i suddenly woke up thinking about my little cute princess and when i turned aroung she was lying dead.
I hate myself for this. I am so much in pain, i just pray to God that her soul finds peace.

I love you wherever you are! Please forgive me.
You will always be in my heart forever.

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i can understand how it feels...<br />
when i accidentally left my bird in the room unattended ... it was killed out of hunger..<br />
i came back from school and i cannot explain how much i cried....<br />
and the worst thing was i was living in city.. where we do not have lawns etc... so i had to take the dead body to a park and bury it there with my own hands...<br />
may the soul of the bird rest in peace...<br />
god bless everyone

I am going through this right now. It happened last night. I feel so guilty.

Yup, thats what i have learnt.<br />
Still cant get over with that sight!!

Don't ever take your pets to bed with you, especially a pet bird, that you could roll over onto accidentally. That's asking for trouble.