My Dog Cuddles

Me and my brother just got back from picking up my boyfriend Stefano and i was driving. I parked the car in the street and my brother said to park it again because he didn't want it to get clipped by another so got back in the car and turned it on.
My dog's name was cuddles. She was a bichon frise and she was the best dog. She slept with me every night, and we had a special bond. She was bad sometimes though. She would always get in the garbage and when we came home, she would always run out the front door. When my brother walked into the house, she ran out.
I pulled the car forward and all of a sudden i felt a huge bump on the front right tire of my SUV. I didn't know what it was but when i turned the car around i saw my baby on the ground. I had broke her lower back and her legs....
I immediately got out of the car and ran to the house. I got Tim and Stefao telling them that i hit cuddles. I ran back out and she had somehow crawled over to the yard and laid down. I didn't know what to do. I called my sister and i called the vet. I was running around the yard crying. Stefano had to calm me down. She was still breathing and she didn't cry when we put her on her dog bed. We all hopped in the car to take her to take her to the vet. She was so excited that we were in the car. She loved car rides. I was in the back seat and the other two were in the front. We didn't even leave my neighborhood when she stopped breathing. I was the one who found out she was dead. I watched her for a good 5 minutes to see if she was breathing. The next few hours felt like a dream. We buried her that night. The whole situation was even worse because my mom was out of town.
It's been like four days and i'm still crying. I think I got like 6 hours of sleep in the past few nights. I've been avoiding my house. I've been sleeping at my sister's and godmother's house. I can't sleep in my room because she slept with me every night. I am just so devastated. I would never do anything to hurt her. She was my baby, and i accidentally killed her...
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oh..... im am SO sorry for you. My dog crushed my bird. I am so sorry for your loss

I accidentally ran over my husbands dog... She was an awesome athletic daschund. I was a wreck for days... It was just terrible.

I am so sorry to hear of your loss. This is the hardest thing ever to experience. It has been almost a year since I accidentally ran over my poor 17 year old tortoiseshell cat, Angel. She loved to sit in the back of my truck and just chill. She liked being above the other cats and looking down on them like she was their queen. Usually when I started my truck she would jump sideways to the porch. Due to her age and it was dark that night, maybe she didnt hear the vehicle start and jumped straight back behind the wheels. I was in shock and couldn't stop crying when I realized what had happened. We took her to the Emergeny Room Vet and they put her to sleep. My life has never been the same and I am still scared to back up in my driveway for fear of hitting another animal. I always honk my horn now, every time before backing up. It was an terrible accident and I miss my Angel so much, she cheered my up and was my best friend for 17 years. It tore my husband apart and I feel so guilty for that. I will always treasure the good memories and try not to think about the way her life ended. RIP Angel

Thank you for replying. It means a lot. Its been almost amonth and i'm still crying at least every other day. I'm so sad. I don't want to do anything. I'd rather stay at home than go out. I love you cuddles. I'm so sorry...