I Killed Two Precious Newly Emerged Butterflies.

The kindergarten class I am interning in was raising caterpillars to butterflies and my cooperating teacher gave me one of the (very tiny) cups with two caterpillars inside to take home and watch transform with my 5-year-old daughter.  They were caterpillars for a day or so before they formed their chrysalises.  I observed them in the little cup each day and kept meaning to take them back to school to put them in the butterfly mesh house.... but forgot a few mornings.  But they were still safe and snug in their chrysalises and they stay in those for 7-10 days.  

Well, on the seventh day, I knew I HAD to take them to the habitat cause they would be emerging soon.  So that morning I went to get the cup, but they had already emerged inside that tiny little cup.... with barely any air and absolutely no room to spread their wings and properly emerge.  Their wings were not working right and they were twitching.... and not moving too much.... I could tell they were suffering.... I set them outside to see if that would help... but they weren't moving/seemed to be suffering still..... so I brought them inside and flushed them down the toilet to end their suffering.... whilst in tears the entire time... it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and I feel like such a horrible human being.... they never got to be free and live a happy, carefree life as full-grown butterflies.  And I'm a vegetarian/animal rights activist, so this was just..... a really really really REALLY horrible experience.  I can't stop crying and feeling guilty.  
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I know this is a couple years later, but I just had the same experience. We are trying to raise monarchs and we were going to try and iron this one's wings. She got so upset she tore one of her wings and we had to put her in the freezer. I feel awful.

What makes you ask that?

This is a joke right?