My Beloved Cat

Today I came home from work & my cat was waiting for me on the porch, like she does everyday. She always walks toward the car to greet me. I pull into the driveway very slowly so that I don't hit her. For some unknown reason today she stopped in front of the car & I ran over her. She convulsed in the driveway while I ran into the house to call the vet. I grabbed a towel to wrap her in, but by the time I got back out to her she was dead. No one else loved her like I did & they said "it's only a cat." She was 17 years old & still healthy. I can't stop crying. I don't have family or a lot of friends so no one to share with. It is very devastating. I loved her so.
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1 Response May 8, 2012

I understand I ran over my ten yr old fat boy his name was Deep he always laided at the tire of the truck. I would come outside and I would say hay you old bastard or fat boy I would rub his head and get in the truck and start it up and when he hears the engine or the break he would move but on that day he didn't move and I didn't look. I crushed his neck he die almost instantly I miss him so much we were going to grow old together I couldn't bury his so I had him cremated. I miss my buddy so much how do you get over this their not just cat we are their people as well as them being our cats our children and my other cat Ty-Dy looks for him but can't find him it's so sad. Sorry about your Baby!<br />
a mommy missing her baby!