Whiskers..my Dear Friend...i'm So Sorry..

My little grey gerbil..Whiskers, well she escaped her tank today and she ran under the bed, I caught her in a small cardboard box, I was going to put her back in the tank after I'd gotten back into my clothes, I basically just had a bath and when I heard a noise, I quickly put the lid on the box then got changed in less than 5 minutes, I kept her in the box in fear of her escaping the tank again...but ....It was....too late...little Whiskers had suffocated...All because of me..what have I done? Please forgive me, Whiskers, and especially you, Nibbles, her little sister...I'm so sorry...I never meant for you to die...I wish I could just rewind time. I only had you for about a month, but it was the best month of my life....I'm such a horrible person, especially since I've already conscidered replacing you...what am I thinking?? Yes, It would be best for Nibbles, but it wouldn't be fair to you, me or the new arrival if I try to replace you, how can I accept that there will never be another Whiskers? You're the one and only, completely unique, I'll never find another gerbil like you...:'( I'm deeply sorry to you and your sister...Why wasn't it me that went? You didn't deserve to die. But hopefully we'll all see eachother again...one day...I need you...;'(
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My heart goes out to anyone who has had a pet die, but especially to those who accidentally kill them. You must remember that accidents happen and you had no bad intentions in your heart for them. It makes it even harder emotionally since you know how it happened. But the love we feel for our pets is the love that God has given us to experience. It's a wonderful thing.

We as Humans will mourn... some of us more than others perhaps, but it is in this grieving and mourning that we find the real depth of our sole. To know that God is there for us always and that he has compassion for us, is what can sustain us in those darkest hours of pain and anguish until we realize that our lives have seen hard times and good times before and so we will see them again and again. Each time we experience a tragic event, we mature a little more emotionally.

Please do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed in guilt. Remember that it was an accident and accidents happen to everybody throughout their lives. You have family relatives and friends that are there for you and depend on you each day to be there for them when they need you. It will take time but you will be able to forgive yourself too. For anyone to become emotionally attached to your pet means that you must have really shown them a lot of love and that takes a kind and wonderful person with a good heart to do. Remember that about yourself and you will find that you can make it through this trying time.

Its always terrible when you loose a pedlt you are mentally attached to... I used to have a chicken named walrus and she was awesome. Then my dog ran out of the house and got her...when i got out to grab her, she was bleeding and wasnt dead yet. So i tryed my best to keep her alive, but by the next day she wouldnt eat anything so she died.

RIP walrus

Im sorry for your loss of wiskers.
RIP wiskers

That is a terrible shame. It's not a betrayal to get another gerbil to keep Whisker's sister company even though it feels like it is (I keep rats, have to do the same thing).

RIP Whiskers.