Love Your Pets As Much As You Can While You Can

I was about to sleep and as I was closing the window, the window hit a lamp than fell down on my dog... after 3 hours with my dog in cramps they put him down... I sleep like ****, hurt myself and do drugs... I hope he will forgive me one ******* day... ah god why... 
I only have 1 tip that I hope everyone will follow after they read this... LOVE your pet, no not pet, friend! with all the love you can while you can...please. for me!
krissanc krissanc
2 Responses May 25, 2012

I will love my animal friends for you and your dog and my bunny and my hamster . . .

Sounds like a bit of a freak accident. Very sorry for your loss.

Please don't beat yourself up over this (literally it seems), grieve and make peace with what happened. And draw upon your support network if you need to.