Not Me, My Sister

She killed my beautiful fish my mother got me from PetCo or PetSmart can't remember which. They died from probably shock. The water was too cold. Oh Freda and Fred. You would have had some beautiful fishes together.
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1 Response Jul 7, 2012

My little brother's first pet was a really cool betta named Flash. He was dark blue and his fins were dark red. My brother loved that fish because he was so friendly. He would follow you from his tank and would always say hello. We had 4 bowls including him (3 bettas and 1 catfish) and my brother would feed them everyday and talk to them. When i got home from swim practice my mom said she felt really guilty. I guessed that she killed my guinea pig but instead when she was cleaning Flash's tank he went right into the sink but in the drain clog. My mom was getting him out when he jumped out of her hand landed back in the sink and went right down the drain :( I mainly feel bad for the fish ): my brother was at his friends house so my mom hadn't told him yet. I started to cry mainly because that was my birthday present for my brother. I wonder how it will go tomorrow when he realizes Flash isn't there. I guess I'll tell him he died of natural causes instead of saying the scary down the drain one.

Oh those fish are so pretty. That's is horrible. Yes that would be the best thing to do.The truth might traumatize him.