I had my cockatiel out yesterday and went inside to study. I forgot he was out and went outside later on and left the back door open. When I was sitting inside i heard squawking and suddenly realised what was happening the bird had flown outside and my dog had him in his mouth. I ran straight out and put my hand into the dogs mouth and got him out out. There didn't seem to be any puncture wounds but the bird was severely stressed and had blood in the mouth. The lady next door came running over and took him from me. She told me to get water and I did. He seemed to be gasping for air. I got water and she put it in his mouth. He tried to shake it and she went to give him more. He died soon after. In hind sight I think the water might have choked him. I wish I had not let her give it to him but I was not thinking clearly. I feel so guilty. It was my fault and now I will live with the guilt. He was the most beautiful bird.
AlfieSim AlfieSim
2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

dog jaws are very strong....the bird died due to internal injuries and chocking on his own blood....dont blame the lady next door....

Sorry for your loss. My dog killed my daughter's English budgie last night and it was so tragic. I had nightmares and my daughter is so upset. That is the first time something like that has happened and I feel so bad. The little bird was so sweet. Accidents happen and time heals, I just wish it never happened, so I know how you feel.