I Accidentally Killed A Mouse

Can killing an animal give you post traumatic stress disorder? Im so upset and I cant stop crying. There was a mouse in my bath tub. I assume my cat put him in there. Ive never killed anything in my 27 years of life and I absolutely believe that every animal no matter how small has feelings that humans should consider. I was determined to get this baby mouse out of the tub and take him outside. When I went to block the drain so I could get him, I smashed his poor little body!! Oh god... He fell over and his little broken body started twitching and then I screamed and cried as I watched his little eyes close permanently. I have this ache in my stomach and I cant quit reliving what happened. I DIDNT MEAN TO HURT HIM! He was so little and I just wanted to get him outside. Ive never felt so awful in my life. Im extremely empathetic when it comes to animals and Im huge on animal rights so this is really hard for me. Im so sorry about hurting that baby and I cant forgive myself. Its hard to even breathe when I think about it. I think I may need therapy now...
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

well you could make a little tribute to him and place some flowers or a bit of color gravel in a nice place, say a few words as a funeral eulogy and go ahead and have a good cry. forgive yourself , you did not do this with any thought of harm, it was an accident., i am sorry you have such sadness...but life goes on and that mouse is not in pain, how it died was quick and it did not have to starve in a trap or get eaten alive by a cat...make it a little grave and let go of the sorrow.

I think a lot of the stress comes from the fact that this is the very first time you hurt anything. You didn't hurt the mouse on purpose though so you really shouldn't feel very guilty.