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My Heart Is Aching - a Story About My Dog Gus

I need some help from those of you who've also killed their family pet by accident.   I have (had) three dogs  all rescued from the humane society. I love each and every one of them with all of my heart.  This week, I took them for a ride in the car to drop off my son. When I returned to my home,  I somehow was distracted - still not sure how or why, but two of the dogs got out of the car and poor Gus was left in the car. Unfortunately it was 95 degrees.   Several hours later, when my husband returned home from work, he asked me where Gus was.  I said I think he's got to be here somewhere...all of a sudden I thought "oh God, please don't tell me I left him in the car". When I ran out to see, he was slumped in the biggest pile of druel and puke I'd ever seen in my Black, HOT car.  I roasted my poor buddy to death.  I am SO distraught and griefsticken,not to mention the extreme guilt, that I don't know how to cope.  It was so unintential and I know it's happened to other people. I am so mad at myself for not noticing.  I feel SO sad that he suffered so much and he was so helpless!!!  This also was my little boy"s special dog that he picked out. Any support is welcome as I feel I will need trauma counseling for this.  I have lived a life without regret for 40 years, ,but this I regret more than anything I've ever done.  

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I ran over my two year old dog several years ago. He was tied in the back of my dad's pickup truck so he wouldn't jump out. He had chewed through his leash so I rigged a way to tie him in, but it wasn't too secure. I was driving back from some yard work, passing these dogs who would bark and chase after cars. I felt a bump. My heart stopped... In a leap of fatal courage Dave had jumped out of the back of the truck to defend us. His leash mad him swing under the rear truck tire...I saw him on the ground, twitching. I didn't know what to do! I had a metal rod in the back of the truck. "Should I end his suffering I asked myself?" as crimson blood continued to run from his muzzle, becoming a pool of metallic red. In remembrance, and in a strange way the blood was a beautiful red. Beautiful because it was still filled with the vivacity of life. I can only say this because when I came back to clean up the mess his blood had become black, ugly, and dead.I will remember Dave my dog for the rest of my life. He would wake me up with his wet muzzle. He would chase my truck around the ranch where I worked. He was full of love, life and youth. If things had been done differently he would be alive today. The lesson I learned was, "Don't be careless with things you care about." I was afraid he might get hurt, but thought he'd be ok for the short ride home. "Don't be careless with things you care about."Pain is meant to be felt. I've killed enough in this life. Life is giving, loving, cruel, and fair. It would be unfair if Dave was alive today. He had to die. He had to die because my rear tire crushed his head. This is how nature works. The same laws which gifted me his existence had to take him away. The world is blind, and in that blindness it is fair. My dog had to die.In the end I am glad I was not cruel enough to "end his suffering." If I had done that his final moment would have been seeing his friend, who he loved, smothering his final flame. Instead he got to see me collapse by his side, torn over him, knowing he was loved. His fur was still soft, but he was gone. He is gone. But he still lives, in my mind, in me. A part of me died with him that day, and a part of him lives on with me.This is life: feel it, love it, appreciate it.

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Please try to forgive yourself. It was just a tragic accident. We are human and make mistakes. I have to try to do that myself as well. Take care.

I am so upset. Yesterday I accidentally ran over my sister's pekingese, Iggy. I didn't even know he was chasing my truck. He had never chased my truck before. I was so focused on yelling at her other two bigger dogs to stop running after me, that I didn't even know Iggy was there. He was the sweetest little dog. I have only hit two animals in the 20 years I've been driving. One was a wild rabbit that ran out in front of me at the last second and the other was a possum in the middle of the road as I rounded a curve. I am so sad and depressed. I don't know how I'm going to get over this. I loved him so much. He was so precious.

I just pulled up this blog and realize I'm not the only one. Just had a baby 5 months ago and was taking my 6th grader to her first day of school. River always jumps on without me knowing... Well I knew this time he was coming with:((( I even had to
get the baby out of the back seat!!! How could I have missed him. I'm devastated!!!!!

Oh boy. I see this is an old post, but I just had to read all the way through it. I feel for all of you. I'm only raising caterpillars for Monarch butterflies but I just killed one by accident. I know it's not a cat or dog but I love them so much. I was clipping some of the leaves to clear a space for one who is about to make a chrysalis and I (seriously) cut one in half!! I'm so horrified by what I did. I feel sick. I hope you don't laugh at me because it's just an insect, but it's seriously disturbing to me because the only reason I raise them is to increase their chances of survival. Ugh. I don't even want to tell anyone that I know because I feel so guilty and awful about myself for it. My husband is in bed and I don't know whether to tell him or just pretend it didn't happen. I hope everyone else here finds a way to heal from their experience and forgive themselves for something that wasn't intentional. I don't know how I will sleep tonight.

So I feel horrible right now. Today my husband went to work put the dog out as usually since he's 14 years old and can't hold his poop. And I get up a couple hrs later around 8 am and let him back in. My friend calls me and wants me and my son to come swimming and I said sure since I'm trying to teach my son to swim. I see my dog already passed out on the carpet and I think I better put him out so he doesn't poop in here. So I woke him up and made him go back outside. I made sure he had water and there was shade. This was around 9 am. I went to my friends pool and around noon my husband texted me its really hot. The first thing I thought of was our dog and how old he was and I hope he wasn't stuck on the ground and couldn't get up. He also had bad arthritis and hip dysplasia. So sometimes he needed help to get up. So I asked my friend do you think my dog is OK it's pretty hot. She said ya as long as he has water and shade. So I blew of my feeling I had figured he'd be fine since he'd been stuck before in the back yard and I helped him get up when I got home. Around 2:30. My gut feeling came back and I told my friend I need to go check on my dog. I got home and found him dead in our rocks in the back yard. I completely panic and took him to the vet to make sure. And he was gone. I feel so horrible I put him out side because I knew he would poop on my carpet. He has done it lots of times and then steps in it and tracks it threw the house. We even got him a doggy door but his poop would fall out usually before he got to it. The worst thing is my husband has had him since he was a puppy so he was really more his dog. When he was at work he was my responsibility though. I feel like I let my husband down and this is my fault. I know he must of got heat stroke and it never would of happened if I would have let him stay in. Thank you for all the post it is helping me cope somewhat.

I just did the same.....drove my kid to school and forgot she was in the back seat......I've been overworked and stressed and just forgot
She was the best.......I am so so sorry. I'm the gal that puts those warning cards on other peoples dashes to warn them about that.
I just forgot and went back to my office. The horror....will never forget. I loved her so. Miss Vicky was the can you forgive yourself?

I'm so sorry!!!! This morning, as I do every morning I took my lizard out to sit in the sun. When it got warmer I moved his tank so only a very small section had a sunbathing spot. He stayed sitting in the warm spot so I assumed he wasn't too hot and went on with taking care of my other pets. When I went to go get him some crickets I came outside and he was still sitting in the sun, so I put them into his tank and was immediately worried that he didn't chase after them to eat them. So I picked him up and he was stiff with sunken in eyes. He overheated. I feel so guilty he was my baby and ive spent the day crying my eyes out.

So sorry

can i pls have ur dead dog????

yes , please give me your skype and then your address we can discuss this ..


It was January 7th 2013, this is the first time I have spoken / written about this or shared my guilt. My best friend, my most loyal companion and a soul softer than a new born baby, that was my Sheba. She helped me through so many difficult times in my life, shared all my pains, put up with my tempers and massaged my heart deeply. One afternoon I kicked out at her just for being under my feet as I almost tripped over her, she fell to the floor and instantly I knew I had hurt her. She limped for a few hours but then she seemed fine. 3 weeks passed and she started to show signs of weakness in both her back legs. Upon a vets visit I was told she had a growth on her spleen, after an ultrasound, I know that it was not a growth but a hardening of blood from a rupture, which I caused when I kicked her. Her health quickly deteriorated and she could no longer stand on her legs and she was anemic, at 10 years old the vet said the kindest thing to do would be to put her to sleep. It was then that I should have said, NO., this is a ruptured spleen, it can be removed, and she can recover. I never told the vet about the kick, nor anyone ever. She had been slowly bleeding to death, in pain, and due to me. Its now 7 months on since Sheba was put to sleep, every day the guilt is eating me away, I have started self harming and I hate myself with a passion, if I wasnt a coward then I would have ended my life by now, I know I can't go on much longer, and rightly so. I loved Sheba more than I have loved anyone in my life, I am so ashamed of myself and know that I can never live a normal life again. Why, why, why, why......sorry my sheebs, loves you, please forgive me my love xxxx

I just found this thread, in search of some understanding as to what the hell just happened to my family last week. Last Tuesday, March 11, 2014, I was unpacking groceries at my grandmother's house as my 1 and a half yr. old Pomeranian and 6-year-old daughter played in the living room. Suddenly, my daughter appears in the pantry and says with a horrified look on her face: "momma....something really bad has happened...". Thinking she dumped over a plant or broke something, I wasn't too worried, and told her that it couldn't be THAT bad, and that mommy would just clean it up. She insisted that it WAS that bad, but couldn't tell me what happened, or where. I told her I'd have to go find out for myself. She ran out the front door scared and crying. Within a few minutes, I discovered to my horror, my little best furry friend in the whole world, Peanut the Pomeranian, was crushed to death beneath the electric lift chair in her living room. My daughter crushed him while playing in the chair. She has no clue how to cope with this tragedy, and the entire family is completely devastated. I tried to find any resource I could that might help her, and was thankful when I found an unpublished printable workbook for children titled: I Miss My Pet, by Katie Nurmi. It has been a priceless tool in helping her cope. I wish there was one for adults, as the impact has been great on us as well. Please share your comments or similar situations as mine.

Although we are humans and make mistakes I'm very disgusted your pets are your pets look after them as if there your children where I live people don't care and drive as fast as they can every i go I see them on the streets knowing what's going to happend and I just want to take them but I'm only 10yrs old but people don't care until
I happend to a person (god willing it doesn't) they'll regret it

Actually, this does happen to people. Parents forget their children in cars. You\'re right- We are only human and we do make mistakes. At 10 years old, you don\'t understand the effect that stress from work, relationships, etc has. People forget things and make mistakes. This forum is supposed to be for support so please grow up a little bit before you judge

This is a forum where people come for support.most people that post stories about accidentally killing their pets are already full of regret and guilt, they know they could have and should have done things differently to keep their little ones alive. but even with the best intentions, and even when they love their pets so much, mistakes happen. it is because we are human and we are not perfect. you will understand this once you have more responsibilities and make your first major mistake. untill then, do not judge others please.

Until today I would have agreed with you on this. I was always horrified and disgusted whenever I heard of the death of a pet that could have easily been prevented. But you don't really understand until it happens to you. I killed my ferret in the dishwasher today. I am still in shock over it. My boyfriend and I had ferret-proofed our apartment and I was always really careful about the dishwasher. But this particular time I was in just enough hurry that I forgot to double check. When I couldn't find the ferret a little while later and suddenly remembered the dishwasher it was too late. So please, understand that everyone makes mistakes, and there will be accidents.

About a month ago, I rescued 2 kittens. They were both very sick and one had to have her eyes removed. That didn't stop her though, she was so full of life and such a fighter. She was doing so well... I carted them around in a sterilite bin with holes drilled in it. One morning, I headed into work at 8. It was so cold that morning that I had to turn the heat on, so I left them in the car thinking they would be fine. So much stuff was being thrown at me at work that I didn't realize that it had warmed up outside. I wasn't feeling well and had hoped to only be at work for a few hours but of course ended up having to stay later. I went out to my car around 2pm and the kitten who could see had gotten out of the bin and was fine. I found the blind one, my little angel Blondie, dead in the bin. Words can not express the guilt and sadness I am feeling. My grandmother, who just lost her dog, was going to take this kitten and give her a wonderful home. She loved her so much and was looking forward to taking her home. I loved her so much and was looking forward to watching her grow up. I keep thinking that maybe if I had loved her more this wouldn't have happened, but I swear that I loved her more than I have ever loved anything. I woke up during the night to hand feed her when she was just a few weeks old, I monitored her during her surgery not knowing if she would pull through, I held her close after when she woke up, so glad that she had made it. And now one us take has taken her away. One stupid, horrible mistake. Know that you're not alone. We are human, and all of us make mistakes. I hope to someday forgive myself.

Yesterday I was taking my dog home after he had just been groomed, my nephew was holding the dog by his leash when suddenly he jumped up and claimed out the window. This happen because the leach was to loose and came off when he fell out the window. It is so difficult to even type this. I feel responsible for his death, I'm hurting so deeply I have PTSD from combat duty in Vietnam. And this tragic experience is causing me to have flashbacks to Nam. I know you feel guilty like me but we must realize we did not intend to cause harm to our pet or any one else. Lets both forgive ourselves, I can type this with the help of GOD, now GOD help us accept the fact we are forgiven.

My friend and I run a daycare out of her house. Abby always came to work with me everyday. I live only minutes from the daycare and I often go get my two children around lunch and bring them over for the rest of the day. I have been letting them sleep in on their summer break. As I pulled out to go get them my boxer Abby would not take no for an answer and had to go with me. I drove over to get my two girls from the house, I didn't even go In. I blew my horn for them to come out. My youngest was being fussy and stubborn about having to come to work. When I opened the back door of the car to make her get out somehow I didn't make Abby get out. My car was parked in front, in view, and I did not once look out. That's all it would have took to save her. She had been in there a little less that 2 hours when I realized she wasn't around. A parent came to pick up their child and I noticed she wasn't there walking them out to the car. She always greeted the parents and walked the kids to their car.

How did you get thru this. I just went thru same thing yesterday not realizing that my youngest put one of our dogs in the suburban. I never checked that he was lying back there and found him hours later. He's my husband's best friend and my husband wants to leave me now after 20yrs. He says he will and cannot forgive me. We have 3 kids 17 15 11 and we both agreed the guilt is too much to tell them how it happened. Help me tell me you moved on.

Two days ago I accidentally ran over our dog Chevy. I called for him outside before I left for the store, but he didn't come. We lives on 5 acres so I figured he was just playing so I got in the car and started down the driveway. I look in my rear view mirror and there he is chasing after me. The next thing I know I heard him yelp and see him in the mirror slump over into the tall grass. I threw it into park and went to him. He was breathing so hard and making these horrible noises and his poor little tongue was flicking out like he was gasping for life. I watched him die! It was the most horrific experience I've ever had. I killed my sweet little baby dog that loved me so much. My heart is so heavy with grief. I don't know how to cope. I am so stupid. I should've put him inside like I ALWAYS DID! My poor boyfriend looked at me like I was the devil. He got home maybe 10 minutes after it happened and I was still crying next to Chevy. Just seeing him run up to his best friend crying that he should've been there for was horrible. My boyfriend says he forgives me but I'm not sure if I believe him. I just pray Chevy forgives me and that he didn't feel any pain. I'm so disgusted I don't know how I'm going to live with myself.

I found my beloved pit bull in my car this morning, I had forgotten her and she past away. I feel so guilty, I had her for 8 years. Not to mention telling my mom was heartbreaking.


I feel your pain. I had a similar experience. I left my pit, Nina, sleeping in the car and went to bed, it was about 5 am. I was suppose to wake up 3 hours later to feed her, but I overslept my alarm clock. When I woke up many hours later, it was way too late. The sudden realisation from waking up that something might be wrong, proved to be true. Nina died from heat exhaustion and possibly dehydration. It was December 31st - not too long ago. I really feel your pain. You must have been devastated and depressed, like how I am feeling right now. Thank you for sharing your story.

P.S. telling my brother is going to be heartbreaking, especially because it's his dog more than mine.

Thank you to all of you for sharing, I left our family dog Jumbo in the car yesterday after picking up my daughter and by the time we realised later it was too late. I'm distraught and guilt stricken and I dont think that will ease for a while to come, but listening to you all speak so beautifully and caring and with such warmth made me feel like perhaps if people who sound as good as all of you do can make the same mistake, then perhaps im not the awful person I feel right now.


I feel your pain. I had a similar experience. I left my dog, Nina sleeping in the car and went to bed, it was about 5 am. I was suppose to wake up 3 hours later to feed her, but I overslept my alarm clock. When I woke up many hours later, it was way too late. The sudden realisation from waking up that something might be wrong, proved to be true. Nina died from heat exhaustion and possibly dehydration. It was December 31st - not too long ago. I really feel your pain. You must have been devastated and depressed, like how I am feeling right now. Thank you for sharing your story.

PS. The worst part was that my brother was the owner, and telling him is going to be heartbreaking

remember, God has a plan for you and your family. I have done stupid things, and im young. i still think its my fault that all my pets died. It's not. God has a plan for you and lean on him in this time. Also, try to vent your feelings out in a journal.

It's been 3 weeks since Heidi died in the car. It has gotten a bit better this week. My mind has had a broken record of envisioning her jumping in the car and me closing the door. I didn't see her jump in late at night. She probably didn't panic at first and probably didn't die til the next morning when the car started to heat up. I have had hard time getting it out of my mind of her getting hot and the hot air making it hard to breath and she couldn't get out to get relief. She was laying in the back when I found her. She had had blood on her mouth and pooped which may have occurred after she died. I have thought if only I had gone to the car earlier the next morning, she probably was still ok. I'd gotten up to feed some outdoor cats about 7am but wasn't near the car and my car has double tinted windows anyway. I though Heidi had spent the night outside, and usually runs in the house hungry and starts eating. I didn't notice she didn't come in to eat and wasn't concerned. I went back to bed a couple of hours. I have to say that my thoughts of her ordeal in the car have dwindled some. I had her more on my mind yesterday being the day she died 3 weeks ago. I have another young cat I took in this summer so I am trying to be more absorbed in her but she hasn't filled the void Heidi left. I also greatfully have 3 other cats I've had a while to love on. I think they have missed her too. I have had trouble when I get in the warm car, which makes me think of her dying in the hot car. I hope that eases up. I was due one, but terrible circumstances to do so, but I had to replace the car she died in a week later. I couldn't stand to look at it in the drive, reminding me of her demise in there. I drove it only once and got sick to my stomach thinking of her walking around in there and then dying. I've gotten over losses of pets before, but this new experience of losing one has been the most horrible.


I feel your pain. I had a similar experience. I left my dog, Nina sleeping in the car and went to bed, it was about 5 am. I was suppose to wake up 3 hours later to feed her, but I overslept my alarm clock. When I woke up many hours later, it was way too late. The sudden realisation from waking up that something might be wrong, proved to be true. Nina died from heat exhaustion and possibly dehydration. It was December 31st - not too long ago. I really feel your pain. You must have been devastated and depressed, like how I am feeling right now. I really LOVED Nina. Thank you for sharing your story.

PS. The worst part was that my brother was the owner, and telling him is going to be heartbreaking

4 days ago. I left my baby (5year old) dachshound in my black car on a day that was 104. I brought her with me to pick up the kids after school because she loved to go with me. When we got home I never noticed that she didn't make it out of the car until after dinner, 3 hours later she wasn't begging for food. I pulled open the door and there she was lying on her side it kind of looked like she was sleeping. I screamed her name and she didn't move. I screamed for my husband to come out there, he picked her up, held her like a baby and just cried. My 3 children then came out screaming and crying and yelling for her to wake up. It was absolute madness for 45 minutes, everyone freaking out so badly. I feel so aweful, I can't sleep, eat, can't pick up my pieces and can't even find them. I loved her so much. She was the best dog to us and she loved us more than any dog loved a family. She was so much more than a dog, we loved her so much. All I can feel Is how could I do this to her, to my family. How could I trap her in there and forget such a huge reason for our happiness and joy. The ach in my heart is huge, the sorrow and sadness is so great. I don't think I'll ever be able to forgive myself. I'm so ashamed at what I've done. If I had just turned around, if I had just been in the present moment and put all my meaningless thoughts away and really been there, I could have saved her. It's one thing when your pets are sick and needing to be put to rest, it's quit another when you are responsible for their death. She was a small dog but her absents is extramly loud. My heart hurts :(

I killed my Dachshund LU LU two days ago .. I SAW her jump in my car as I went to run errands ... I got to thinking this and that and when I got home I completely forgot she was in the vehicle ... Locked her in 100 plus degree heat .. I tortured the one thing that gave me so much love .... I HATE MYSELF ... I WILL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF!

I feel this way right now. It happened yesterday. I have three small kids, but I can't get it together. I feel like a huge failure.


I feel your pain. I had a similar experience. I left my dog, Nina sleeping in the car and went to bed, it was about 5 am. I was suppose to wake up 3 hours later to feed her, but I overslept my alarm clock. When I woke up many hours later, it was way too late. The sudden realisation from waking up that something might be wrong, proved to be true. Nina died from heat exhaustion and possibly dehydration. It was December 31st - not too long ago. I really feel your pain. You must have been devastated and depressed, like how I am feeling right now. I really LOVED Nina. I will never forgive myself either. Thank you for sharing your story.

PS. The worst part was that my brother was the owner, and telling him is going to be heartbreaking

I am heart broken tonight for the passing of my 3 year old cat Heidi Friday. I was cleaning out my car last night and didn't know she had slipped in. She usually shows up for breakfast but when she didn't I didn't worry then. I was looking for her tonight and had not been anywhere in my car today, and thought to look in there. She was dead in my car. I took her to an animal hospital and she was gone. I am sick about it and feel so guilty not knowing she was in that car all day. Weather was in the 90s today with some rain, but I guess she got too hot. I am devasted thinking about her suffering because I didn't know she was in the car. She was a beautiful furry white with black/grey tabby spots and tail. She was a tiny little orphan someone put in my garage 3 years ago and I felt she was a blessing. What can you share with me to help me with peace and comfort. I don't know how I'm going to get over this.

I am in the same boat you are in. I am a 16 year old girl and trust me I would never hurt a fly. My dog, Sammy, was 18 years old. She lived a long long life. But she could've had a longer one if it wasn't for me. She didn't need a leash or anything because she was so well behaved and such a sweet - heart. Everyone loved her. She wasn't just a dog, she was a family member and a sister to me. She loved to explore the outdoors and always before my mom or dad or I left, would make sure where she was so we could back out of the driveway safely. Well I was in a rush to volleyball practice 2 days ago and me being stupid, the one time I didn't look all the way around the car, THE ONE TIME, she was apparently walking from my neighbor's yard behind my dad's truck that I was going to drive to practice because I don't have my own yet. I jumped in the truck and put in it reverse. The thump I heard I will never forget ever in my life. I KNEW RIGHT AWAY. I put it in park and ran to the back of the truck to find her laying there dead. I went into shock and my dad was coming out to look for her right then and there. I feel terrible and had to go to the hospital and the reality of it set it when i saw my mother's face. It was like her losing a child. My guilt is tremendously large because she was my bestfriend. I KILLED MY BESTFRIEND. And i have no clue how to cope with it. I'm accepting sometimes and then other times I want to die from all the pain I'm putting everyone through. Just wanted to share my story3

hailee, your story touched me, I'm in a similar boat.

I killed my best friend too, about two weeks ago. A 12 year old purebred Staffordshire Bull Terrier. We did everything together, she was my whole world, I cared for her everyday. Even at times when she needed surgery, we would all help nurse her back to good health.
I've looked after my dogs all my life, never lost one, even when they had gotten loose. We always searched until we found them. Even when I was 7 years old, I was the only one who noticed our cute beagle/cocker mix got out. Ran across busy traffic, not thinking of my own life at all, I loved that dog so much. He died an old man at home with us, at age 15 years back in 1997.

About my 12yr old girl, It's such a nightmare, for her to have died at all, but the way she did is so messed up and tragic. A .22 pistol of mine fell and struck her, went through and through on lower her side and out of her stomach. We rushed her to a animal hospital, only a few are open on Labor Day. They gave us a lot of hope, had her stabilized, but they said she needed surgery after an X-ray. Took out her spleen and some intestines, they gave us a 50/50 shot but she didn't pull through. I so wish it could have gone the other 50%. She was too old I guess for the trauma, poor baby had respitory depression and a cardiac arrest. I still can't believe she's gone, I miss her like nuts. She could have easily lived another 3-4yrs, very vibrant, aware and robust dog for her age.

It's horrifying that my last memories of her, is running around scared, bleeding and in shock. Right before she left, we put her in a half pet crate, with a make shift bandage and towels for bedding. I looked into her eyes, and all I could see was her saying, "Why did you kill me, I love you.", "What's happening to me?". She didn't know what was going on. Ugh I'll hate this about me, til the day I can't think of it anymore or anything else, after my death. I really hope I die from someone else's gun going off accidentally too. Either that or an animal attack, I deserve it. The guilt, regret and sadness is like living in a personal hell of my own stupid creation. I love you Millie, please forgive my mistake!

My heart is broken. I am so guilt ridden. I killed my best friend Doodle. My son and I were at the library and using their internet because AT & T wouldn't fix their problem at the house, so I disconnected the internet at the house. My son lost his learners permit and I always bring Doodle when I know we are just dropping my son off, well we thought we would go by the library and see if he lost it there. I got out of the car to help him look. When we couldn't find the permit, I said we might as well use the internet while we are here. It was 104 degrees out! When we finally left and got in the vehicle we heard thumping in the very back of the Jeep. She was seizing. I threw water on her and drove to my pool close by and my son held her in the cool water while I did CPR. We then drove to the hospital. She was passed away. I loved this dog so so much. She was a rescued dog. She knew how to roll down the electric windows in my Jeep. She knew how to shut the door. I feel so sick to my stomach as I pretty much killed a best friend. I am not sleeping. Many friends have shared many kind words, but one friend who is divine with Christian words helped me, and I would like to share, "Forgive yourself for God has already forgiven you. Accidents happen and although we don't want loved ones to leave God called her to be by His side. Yes I believe God has a purpose for this and in time He will reveal it. Know that your dog will be with Him as he is the Creator of all things. And don't blame yourself for this because God would not want you to live with the guilt." Sondra is my savior of saving me from severe pain of this most terrible mistake. I want to do something positive, is there anything out there that will remind you that you have a pet in the vehicle. I am going to look into this. I am so surprised that this has happened so much. And we are all living with the sorry Doodle, please forgive me...

This just happened to me. I hope u r better because i feel like dying always. it has been a week. My husband left him in the car. u situation sounds like me

The best thing I did when my dogs died, it was lonely, and i learned to love a new dog. Learn to love something else. thats the best thing to do

Thank you for saying that :)

thank u for that quote. this happened to me yesterday. my son asked me if maybe there might be a dog being born somewhere and she will be reborn. he was just saying that to make me feel better because he knows that she is gone, but I always used to talk about animals being reborn. i feel like i will be reborn as an animal that gets neglected because that's what i did to my dog. i am so sorry Izzy. I love you so much, how could i have done that to you?

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I am dealing with the same situation. Today was my birthday and my husband, my two children and I were about to head to town to pick up some food to grill. My husband opened the door of the car he drives to work to see how much gas was in it and we just decided to take my tahoe instead. Little did we know that Papa my 10 yr old daschund had jumped inside the other car which is strange because he has never rides in it. When we got back from town we proceded to cook the food and as we are eating we notice Papa isn't here begging for food. I immediatley get worried. I search every where and my mother in law opens the door to the other car and there is my sweet baby just laying there like he was just sleeping. I guess he had a heat stroke but its killing me. I fel like I should have seen him jump in there or something I haven't slept all night thinking about what I should have or could have done. I miss him so much and I just can't stop blaming myself

I recently lost my two dearest friends by leaving them in my car too long-the one hot day in the PSNW we'd had in months. A mother and son. I had the mother Ripley for 13 years, and her son Loki for 7. Two beautiful shepherds, my best friends. It was a horrible thing that happened. I made a terrible mistake, and showed terrible stewardship. The guilt has been tearing me apart, and I am trying to face it, without this constant negative thinking. All I can say is it has been devastating, and changed my life. I had a complete breakdown, complete. I'm still trying to find some peace, I want to tell them how sorry I am, how much I love them. At times all I can do is cry it is so heavy, the sorrow so great. But they must know how much I truly did love them, and that I never intentionally would have hurt them. Its all I can hope for. I don't have any answers, just my heart felt sympathy and understanding at the pain and anguish.

I ran over the family cat as a teen. She was sleeping on top of the tire and I didn't know. I was in a hurry to go out and didn't check for her. I remember to this day the sick thud of rolling over her. All I could do is sit and cry in the rain as she died in my arms.<br />
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The pain never goes away but it does get better. It was an accident. It was awful. But you loved your dog and it loved you. <br />
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Find forgiveness. Forgive yourself. You loved your pet. it was an accident. Find a way to pay tribute to your pet's memory in finding forgiveness.

It was 1 week ago that the worst nightmare of my life happened. I am a school bus driver and often bring my bus home to save on fuel for the school and myself. It was a rainy stormy day. Charlie our Black Lab had been in and out of the house as usual, but mostly in cuz he hates thunder. It had been a busy day for all of us and I was running late for my bus route. I checked the bus and with the entry door opened, Charlie came to say goodbye to me just before I shut the door, I said see ya later Charlie" and he walked away. I had a few more things to check and off I would go. Charlie didn't like the rain and usually went to his kennel or under the front porch to get out of the weather. Well he didn't go to any of those places. Unknowing, he went under the bus, I imagine to get out of the rain. While leaving I felt a bump and looked in one mirror and then the other, and to my horror, saw him lying lifelessly in the driveway. I set my brake, screaming for my husband, whom had just gone to bed for his 3rd shift job. Charlie did not respond upon talking to and when we both came running out of the house he was gone. I never thought he'd go under my running bus. Oh my God, how could I have done such an awful thing to such a wonderful dog? Our family dog! Charlie was to be 10 years old in October. I have tortured myself thinking if I had only this or that. But nothing helps the nightmare that keeps playing over and over in my head! I can't bring myself to tell my grown children what happened, or should I? I still haven't went to his grave. I feel sooo guilty! I said over and over to him I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. When I came back home my husband had buried him out back where we liked to take our walks. He loved playing ball so much that he put a ball in his mouth to be with him forever. It is just tearing me up!!! I would never harm any of my dear loved ones. They are there for us when we're happy or sad, when we eat and sleep, there to play with and relax. They make a house a home, I can barely stand the thought of not have him around. It hurts when I pull in the driveway, I can hardly check or drive my bus w/o crying. I'm hoping he has forgiven me and knows I loved him very much. I know he's in heaven playing ball with the others that have passed on. Help me please!!!!!! Should I tell? Will it make me feel better or what should I do?

tell, explain and write in a journal to vent out your feelings.