Poor Little Dale...

Over the summer I was staying at my father's house and was hanging with my best bud Josh. Nobody was home aside from Josh who was occupied with the Legos we were building with and whatnot so I didn't really bother shutting the bathroom door all the way. So anyway I really had to go so I lifted the toilet seat up, whipped it out and began to relieve myself. I hadn't noticed that one of the cats, Dale, had come in and she's a fairly slender cat so I didn't notice her moving swiftly between my legs. Suddenly I saw her paws pop up on the toilet part and I nudged at her lightly with one leg but she didn't move. Then she pops her head up and gets it full blast on the back of her head. She sat there for a minute and basically let herself get peed on while she was processing what was going on in her mind. Then she turned her head towards me and got a face full of pee and meowed very loudly before she ran out faster than a Jew with a coupon(excuse the bad joke haha). So I came back in after washing my hands and whatnot and Josh asks if the cats are out there fighting and he fell back laughing when I told him what happened. The cat ran outside towards the sprinklers so I didn't have to bother giving her a bath so I guess I got a lucky break there haha. It was hilarious and I doubt something like that would happen ever again so I figured I'd share it with you guys!

MamoruKado MamoruKado
18-21, M
Jan 21, 2013