Once as I was returning from my job, (I had been there for five hours and hated using the bathroom there) and I had to pee extremely bad. The six minute walk home didn't help my cause. I was determined to get to my house without peeing myself in public. When I reached my front door, I couldn't find my key. I knew I had it but I also knew that by the time I found it my need to pee would have been relieved right there on my doorstep. I was wearing a skirt, but I didn't want my pale pink panties to reek of pee nor did I want my neighbors to find my peeing in front of my house. I felt a little pee slip and I panicked. I ran around to my backyard and found a hidden spot between some of my planters and my birdbath. It was also good that my fence was wood and not gate. I crouched down behind the planters and pulled my panties off holding them in my hand as I relieved myself of pee. I hadn't realized how much pee was inside me until I finished thirty or so seconds later. I waited until I was mostly dry to put my underwear back on and dig through my bag again for my keys. I found them a minute later, all the way at the bottom. I went into the house, with my neighbors none the wiser.
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In my neighborhood, someone would have noticed. I live on a very busy city street.

wow that's amazing

nice one, seemed a little close