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I Had A Pee Accident Away From Home

I was 14 and thought no one knew that I sometimes had a wet bed or needed to change my underwear on an "emergency" basis. I had to work away from home and had arranged lodgings with a family we knew in the town where my boss had sent me. They had a big house, 5 boys ranging from about 12 to 20 and were regarded by my folks as being "rough and ready".

I arrived with my suitcase which had more underwear in it than a nearly 20 year old would normally need "just in case" as my mother put it. I had had a dry spell and although I had had a few close calls when I only just woke up in time and had damp pyjamas by the time I reached the bathroom, my bedwetting days seemed to be over.

I was made very welcome on arrival, but the house seemed like a mad house - boys fighting, playing and teasing each other and a lot of friendly banter going on.

I had arrived mid evening and at about 10,00pm was shown to my room. I had not realised I would be sharing with Jim who was about my own age. He had come upstairs a few minutes earlier and was sitting on his bed reading a book.

Jane, Jim's mum pointed out which part of the wardrobe and chest of drawers I could use and then floored me by saying "your mum rang and said it would be best if we had a waterproof sheet on your bed". I turned bright crimson and was suddenly aware that my Y fronts (well we all wore them in those days) were still damp - not wet you understand - but damp as a result of a long cross country bus journey with insufficient pee stops.

Jim looked a bit sheepish as well as his mum explained that several of his younger brothers had "weak bladders" and that Jim was "still getting over it " and had a plastic sheet on his bed too. I tried to put a brave face on it and said that I could usually get to the bathroom in time. Jane said that there was only one toilet upstairs and that there was often a queue. I must have looked worried because Jim said, "Don't worry - use that if you want to" and pointed to a red plastic bucket placed discretely against tha wall at the foot of his bed. It was out of the way and I hadn't noticed it. Jane said "Jim put it out of the way and was anxious in case you saw him use it - but I don't think he needed to worry". Jim said "its not really like a potty, its just I need to go quick and if the bathrooms locked...." "I understand I said - but didn't add that there still was a plastic pot under my bed at home.

Jane said "Don't worry there are always sheets to wash in this house and the first time either of you widdles the bed, Jim will show you what to do".

I unpacked and saw Jim watching me - I took not notice and we chatted a bit. I saw him looking at my 4 pairs of "Y fronts" as I put them in the drawer. I didn't want him looking too closely because they were a little bit yellowed at the front where the double layer of cloth was sewn in for absortion.

A voice from downstairs shouted that it was 11 o'clock and time we were in bed. I said "do we get ready in the bathroom" but Jim said it wasn't usually possible because of constant stream of people needing to go to the loo. He seemed to want to explain and said - "we don't usually bolt the bathroom door because the little kids need to be able to get in to use the toilet or they'll do it in their pants".

The thought of being like a little kid made me go red again, and Jim said "don't worry - we are farthest from the bathroom and why do you think they gave me the bucket."

I said "it is hard to hold it if you wake up bursting". I took my shirt off and asked "where do dirty clothes go". Jim has also taken his top off and said - theres a bin outside the bathroom for ordinary things, but you take anything wet or dirty down to the end of the passage where there's a fliptop bin for wet sheets and things".

I reached for my pyjamas - and was about to put them on when Jim asked "Do you wear those every night" I said I usually did. He replied "It's up to you, but we usually just wear a pair of pants-it saves mum some washing if we have an accident- but do as you like".

I wanted to say that I rarely needed a clean pair of sheets, but knew it wasn't really true, I also realized that I would soon have to take my trousers off and knew my wetness would be obvious to Jim.

Jim looked tense as well and after a minute or two "broke the ice" by saying "I think I'll need a clean pair of drawers before I go to bed" I saw from the grin on his face that he wasn't just saying it to make me feel comfortable.

By unspoken agreement we dropped our jeans together and stepped out of them. We didn't pretend not to look at one another and I saw that Jim was wearing pair of pants made out of "nappy" material. They looked home made but where very like the ones I had had to wear until I was 14 and had the same double thickness of cloth at the front.

I was not sure which of us had the wettest briefs, but although Jims were grey with repeated washing, we both had large yellow stains that could only be very recent.

Jim surprised me by asking "do you wear those all the time" I said I did and he said "could I try them on" - I thought this was a bit strange and said "sure - help yourself from my drawer". Jim said he didn't want to spoil a clean pair, but suggested we swapped "If I didn't mind" as he had always wanted to know what proper underwear was like. I said, "OK but these are very damp"- to which Jim replied - I wouldn't be wearing thewse if I wasn't used to a wet bum" and we both laughed.

The exchange was accomplished and I suddenly felt at home in the warm comfort of the nappy like material that snuggled around my private parts. Jim looked down at himself and then in the mirror with approval and said "I am going to get some of these just as soon as I don't need to change too often".

I said "borrow mine when you want to, but I always like to have spare pair..." "I understand" said Jim, "just in case of accidents".

"Lets go the the bathroom" said Jim and led the way - I was a bit nervous of walking around the house in wet pants - especially as they were Jim's but he said no adults would be around.

We got there - cleaned out teeth and decided not to shower until the morning. We both used the toilet and Jim dropped his (my) underpants and reached over to a shelf by the door which I hadn't noticed. It had piles of the same kind of pants as Jim had been wearing roughly sorted by size.

"You might as well use these tonight he said passing me another pair, they soak up a bit if you mistime the toilet."

Jim picked up both our pairs of wet underwear and I pulled up the "trainer pants" he had passed me. They were a little more snug than the pair he had been wearing and felt so warm and comfortable that I remembered how my dad (who mum left to clean me up as I got older) had very gently tried to encourage me to keep my pants dry at school and had been so accepting of my failures and the need to help me change so often my mum would despair of keeping up with the washing.

Jim saw I was day-dreaming and said - come on, I'll show you where to put these. We walked to the end of the corridor and Jim lifted the lid of a flip top bin, dropping our underwear in.

We went back to our room and hopped into bed. I felt reassured by the familiar crinkle of plastic under the sheet.

I took ages to get to sleep, only to be woken while it was still dark by the sound of running water that I only dimly realised was Jim peeing in the bucket. As I awoke I realised that the splashing sound had triggered my bladder and I cluched at myself to try to stop weeing- only to realize that my pants were pretty soaked. It was dark but I could just see the bucket and in desperation squatted over it.

I pulled my **** out of the leg hole of the pants and finished off as quietly as I could. Jim said "are you OK" and I said "not really". "he replied "Lets get clean undies".
As we walked quietly down the passage Jim said "I went in bed before I could get to the bucket" "Me too, a bit I said, you using the pail set me off".We put dry pants on, standing by the wet clothes bin - Jim said everybody did and it was no big deal if anyone came out and saw you because they were probably going to do the same thing".

I was pleased that my bed was only damp - Jim said Jane would probably check it in the morning as she didn't trust anyone, but would only ***** it if it was "bad enough". Jim had wet quite badly and so we spent the rest of the night together in my bed.

That was the first of many nights where we "doubled up" but that is another story. We hadn't expected Jane to come into our room early in the morning - but she did and saw Jim's bed folded back just as we were getting dressed.

She said, I'll empty the bucket for you, you OK? I said I was but the sheet was a little bit damp. She felt it and said "It'll do - not a major flood like my boy, put your sheets in the bin Jim, and I'll make your bed later".
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Bedwetting is not uncommon. It can only be stopped by sheer will power. Nothing else


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