Whoops! Sorry, Frodo!

My sister has a small dog named, Frodo Baggins... I'm not kidding, that's his name. He is a zichon, and Shitzu Bichon mix... eh, one of those designer dogs. :-/

Anyhoo, he has an habit of running after me, as I rush around the house. I'm busy, trying to get things done, so I can get back to my laptop and log onto EP. Heehee, I am a true addict of this site! Well, I don't always see him and will step on him... or nearly trip over him and break my butt! It's lucky for him that I don't hear shoes indoors or it could be a bigger hurt for him. :-o

Hopefully he will learn to stay away from me! The busy half-blind lady! XD

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2 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Like the name (I'm a huge LotR fan). My dog this, too, and gets stepped on plenty. Still hasn't learned to stay away and he lays down where I put my feet when I get up.

awww that's such a cute name for a dog :P