Mother In Law Saw Me Naked In The Morning

When my wife and I were dating I used to spend the night at her house some times if I was over there really late. My wife's (then my girlfriend) mother would get me a pillow and a blanket and I would just crash on the floor in the living room. Sleeping with my girlfriend was of course not an option her parents gave me but I was just glad to be able to hang out there longer. Normally when I slept at my dorm I would just sleep naked or in a pair of boxers but given that I was at someone else's house I would just take off my shirt and sleep in a pair of jeans.

About the 2nd time I spent the night there I woke up to find that I had managed to kick my clothes off in my sleep. To make matters worse I had kicked my covers half off as well I was slight amused and slightly embarrassed that I could have been caught nude on their living room floor so I quickly put my underwear and pants back on. Right after I did so my girlfriend's mother walked through the living room from the kitchen. A light was on in the kitchen so you could faintly see in the living room. I don't know if she saw me naked or not that time because the light could have been off when she walked through there initially.

The next week I spent the night there on a Friday night. My girlfriends dad went off to work early before sunrise but no one else had anything to do that day so there was no alarm clock set. I woke up to the sound of someone unloading the dishwasher in the kitchen. Of course it was my mother in law and as you may have guessed I was asleep on the couch, naked, and the covers had fallen off of me onto the floor. I was just about to grab my clothes and the blanket when she walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. I quickly did the only thing that would excuse my condition. I pretended I was asleep. The sun was already up and there was plenty of light in the room. To make this worse I had a very bad case of morning wood and it was standing up at attention. She stopped and froze for a bit. I opened one eye a tiny bit and could see she was just staring. It was exciting and tense because I couldn't guess what she was thinking. After a minute she walked back into the kitchen and started making breakfast. I just continued pretending to be asleep.

She finally came back into the living room, walked over to the couch. She hesitated and then picked up the covers from the floor and put them on me. Then she shook my shoulder and told me to get up and that breakfast would be ready shortly. I have to admit the whole situation was slightly awkward and exciting to me at the same time. She didn't mention a word of it to me or my girlfriend. I slept over lots of times after that and I would occasionally take my clothes off again at night knowing that I might get caught. I got bolder and bolder. I wasn't always naked or uncovered in the morning but I did make sure that it worked out that way again some times. Eventually it got to where my mother in law would actually turn on the television and have coffee in the living room while I was sleeping naked on the couch. My girlfriend would sleep in till 10 or 11 on Sat. mornings and I didn't mind the extra rest myself so I stayed there sleeping or pretending to sleep while her mother did stuff around the house. Neither of us either said a word about it and a couple times I had to get dressed while she sat there pretending to not see me as she watched television.

I did get a surprise wake up one morning that freaked me out. Woke up to a ******* and I freaked for a second until I realized it was my girlfriend being sneaky. Afterwards she scolded me for being naked in their living room because her mom might see me like that. Ha. If she only knew. But I didn't mention it to her. I don't know if she would have understood that the nudity was exciting without being a sexual event. Honestly having my girlfriend wake my up was much more fun, but I didn't mind the occasional nudity in front of her mother either. Years after we were married my mother in law walked into the bathroom on me when we were visiting for the holidays. She was bringing in towels and didn't know I was in there getting ready for a shower. She joked "It's not like I haven't seen you naked before" and just set the towels on the sink. It was one of those moments where being a bit of a show-off actually paid off. It wasn't embarrassing for either of us and one of the moments where I realized that nudity was only an issue when you covered up. If you were nude in the proper time and place and acted as if it were normal, despite whoever was there, it really was normal and not weird.
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How nice for you. And I agree it does not have to be a sexual thing , but sharing yourself with your mil like that is a special feeling. The wife would not understand , she wants u for her , no one else. Now after this has happened a few times and nothing was ever said to your wife , it has to be a special thing between u n the mil. A good feeling knowing she knows what your coc looks like , and better yet , she has to be thrilled seeing the morning wood , realizing ever inch of what she is looking at is what makes her daughter happy.

I bet you mom in law would love some of that rock hard **** of yours.

That is a very awesome story. If more were like that the world would be a better place.