My Towel Fell Off

Many years ago while when i still lived in Teesside i'd spent all morning at home decorating, it was a warm and humid over cast day and i'd sweat buckets, so i decided to go for a dip in the sea to cool off and relax.
Normally as a nudist i'd go along to the dunes on Coatham beach, but that was quite a walk away and it was now mid afternoon, so i packed my speedos and a towel into my bag and headed for the nearest bit of beach.
To get to Redcar East beach i had to walk over a lawned area between the road and the beach, and at the edge of the beach was a concret wall with a four foot drop onto the beach, (their wasn't any steps) and running along the edge of the beach was a paved footpath which had two or three shelters with seating in the sides facing the sea and inland to the lawns.
I'd dropped onto the beach by the last of those shelters and between two wooden groines, i wrapped the towel around me and changed into my speedos then strolled down into the sea, when i was deep enough i removed my speedos and swam for a while naked, as i swam i noticed that the sky was getting blacker, and with the humidity i knew that we were in for a thunder storm, so i put my speedos back on and strolled back up the beach to my clothing where i began to dry off, i had my towel wrapped around my waist and my speedos in my hands wringing out the sea water when the heavens opened.
I picked up my bag and headed for the wall and the nearby shelter, i climbed the wall easily being tallish however it wasn't that easy for the three girls how were the only other occupants of that small section of beach, so being the helpful kind of chap that i am i turned and stretched out my hand to help the first one up then stretched with both hands to help the other two up, however as i straightened and lifted the grils one of them must have stood on the bottom of my towel and off it came.
I was stood ther naked before i even had the chance to let go of the girls hands, and as the rain was coming down in torrents i just picked everthing up and we all ran as quickly as we could into the shelter, only when we got ther did the girls start laughing at my nudity and at that point the obsurd comedy of the way my towel came off set me off with the giggles as well and it took several attempts before i had the towel back in place and i was once more covered again.
All four of us stayed in that shelter until the rain eased off, and by then we'd all changed ready for home, thankfully i never saw those girls again but everytime i see one of those sea front shelters i remember the embarassment of that day.

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3 Responses Jan 21, 2011

"Thankfully I never saw those girls again". If you knew then what you know now maybe you would have sought them out!

sadly they didn't osser, would've loved it if they had.

did they return the favour and let you see them naked while they changed?