My Neighbors

Last fall, after a particularly hard week at work, I was relaxing naked like I always do when it's warm enough. I realized I had to get something out of my car and slipped on some flip flops and walked to the car. Now most of the time, my neighbors can't see me when I go outside naked, and if they're outside, I can see them before I venture outside au naturel.

I checked out the front door, and no neighbors in sight, so I just headed to the car. When I was returning to the house, completely enjoying the warm air on my bare skin.......there they were. For some reason, they decided that the our unmarked property line needed to be cleaned up. For several years they'd let it grow up on their side, and we didn't mind the additional privacy. But they had put their house on the market and were trying to make it more presentable. I knew they were getting divorced so was really surprised to see them together.

I tried to quietly make my way back in the house when the wife stood up and saw me. Oh,oh, I thought. Trouble now! She just smiled and waved at me. I kept walking and waved back. Then I realized she was waving me over!! Then he started waving me over as well!! I swear, I nearly ran back to the house, when a sudden nonchalance overtook me.

I walked, trembling on the inside, but doing my best to hide it, over to where they were working. Putting on my best act, I asked them how they were and what they were up to.

After pretending for a few minutes that they didn't notice I was naked, she finally said, "I'm glad you guys are being so open about it. (meaning the nudity) I know you were trying to hide it but we knew. We saw you whenever you went outside."

"I hope we didn't offend you," I felt sheepish now, especially standing naked in front of the two of them. I have no pubic hair and I felt his eyes on my noticably engorging labia.

"Not at all," he replied, maybe a little too quickly. "Maybe if we'd done that or joined you guys we wouldn't be getting a divorce."

Though my heart was pounding in my ears, I did my best to maintain my equanimity. "It has done wonders for us," I admitted.

"Well, if I'm still here next summer," she chimed in, "maybe we could sunbathe together.....if its just the two of us."

"Sure," I said, knowing that if Leo was there, he'd be naked and she'd have to get used to it.

Unfortunately it won't be. She sold the house last week and a young couple with three "tween" agers moved in on Dec. 31st.

I'm going to have to ask Leo to build a fence now......don't wanna be caught by the'd be all over town in 24 hours. :-(

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I wonder why they cut down the growth though. For some country hoes that is what people want as it gives them that added secludedness but the fence is just as good.


My wife had a similar experience I just wrote about. (caught on the patio) Funny how when you're "caught" with no easy option to cover up, and the other party isn't freaked out , its seems logical to just go with it. Maybe it's the adrenalin making the decision!.... LOL

Thanks for sharing. Wish I was your neighbor. I am also conmfortable in my body. Alot of people don't inderstand that.

My yard doesn't give much privacy. There's only one small patch that provides a good place for tanning that can't be seen from a neighbor's house. I would be outside naked much more than I am now if my situation were different.

Sounds like you need to buy some lumber and build a privacy fence!

Take the panties off and I'll consider moving. ;-) just kidding.

Fabulous story.<br />
Wish you were my neighbor.