Naked In Front Of Sister In Law

I had been planning this all summer and today got the chance to carry it out! We have a pool in the garden and my wife's sister often visits for a swim or to just relax in our garden chatting with my wife. My plan had been to find a way of her 'catching' me naked after I'd got out of the pool. Well today they were sitting just outside on the patio drinking tea and talking when i got out of the pool. After joining in the conversation for a while I then went inside to the kitchen, just out of sight from my wife and my sister in law. I took off my swim shorts and stood on my towel as if I was just drying my feet, and waited. Then I heard my sister in law say she was going and heard her get up from her chair. I positioned myself so I would facing directly at her as she entered the kitchen and she did! I pretended to be surprised as she stood for a second or two looking straight at my penis which had responded while I was anticipating this happening! The second or two seemed like ages before she jokingly said "oh sorry - i didn't see anything i had my sunglasses on!" and turned away. I apologised as if I was embarassed but it was fantastic feeling which i'd love to repeat, but worry if it happens again it will look a little too obvious a coincidence!
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2 Responses Sep 1, 2012

nice, i like 'accidentally' exposing myself

it would indeed look like too much to be a coincidence, but then that would mean she knew you were showing to her deliberately and could lead to lots of fun with her or maybe even the two of them together. there's no point going this far and then stopping.