Naked In Front Of Sister In Law

I had been planning this all summer and today got the chance to carry it out! We have a pool in the garden and my wife's sister often visits for a swim or to just relax in our garden chatting with my wife. My plan had been to find a way of her 'catching' me naked after I'd got out of the pool. Well today they were sitting just outside on the patio drinking tea and talking when i got out of the pool. After joining in the conversation for a while I then went inside to the kitchen, just out of sight from my wife and my sister in law. I took off my swim shorts and stood on my towel as if I was just drying my feet, and waited. Then I heard my sister in law say she was going and heard her get up from her chair. I positioned myself so I would facing directly at her as she entered the kitchen and she did! I pretended to be surprised as she stood for a second or two looking straight at my penis which had responded while I was anticipating this happening! The second or two seemed like ages before she jokingly said "oh sorry - i didn't see anything i had my sunglasses on!" and turned away. I apologised as if I was embarassed but it was fantastic feeling which i'd love to repeat, but worry if it happens again it will look a little too obvious a coincidence!
wade74 wade74 41-45, M Sep 1, 2012

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