Misadventures Of Karla Chapter 1: Skinny Dipping

After running a mile for an hour, Karla arrived at the local forest, Palm Woods. She enter in the forest and after walk for thirty minutes, she arrived at the lake of the forest. She was sweating too much, and lake’s water was perfectly cold to calm down the heat. So, she decided to go swimming, but she hasn’t worn her bikini at the moment. She didn’t want to soak wet her underwear, because she hated using wet clothing on her skin. So, she finally decided to skinny dipping.
Despite the fact that at the beginning she was fearful that someone had seen her naked, she decide to do it because it was dark and nobody walk in the forest at that hour. So, she finally decided to do it and start undressing: First she pulled her training shirt, then she removed her shorts, leaving her in her pink underwear. After that, she removed her bra, exposing her C cup size breasts, and then her thong, revealing her shaved *****. Now, her white skin was exposed and she was totally naked. She hid her cloths in a bush, and after that, she starts swimming, and after 30 minutes of swimming she returns to the coast. She searches for her clothes but she doesn’t find it. Her worst dreams came true: She would have to go back to her house completely naked, exposing her naked body to everyone in the route.
Covering her breasts with her right hand and her crotch with her left hand, she starts to return to the entrance of the forest. After a little walk, she sees a light coming from a camping. She had an idea: She can ask for some clothes to the campers, but she has to be really smart to not expose her naked body to total strangers. She walks quietly to the camping, but a voice behind her scare her.
“-Who are you? Why you’re naked?” – said the voice
But Karla doesn’t answer, she run away from the place to the route. She runs very fast in the wayside of the route, trying to go so fast to nobody see her nude. But her hopes soon come down: A car passed near to her position and the car honk to her. Her worst nightmare now is real: total strangers see her totally naked. Now Karla imagines that the car’s driver could see clearly her butt, and now, when the pervert comes home, he will stroke his **** with the image of her butt. Karla returns to reality, and find herself separated by 10 blocks from her home. But these 10 blocks are very busy at that hour. So, she decided to reach her home going by the backyards, because at that hour most of the kids are playing in the streets with their parents. She had success with this strategy and cross the backyards without any problem. Now, she only had to cross her neighbor’s backyard to finally arrive to her home. But that night was really a nightmare for Karla: Her neighbor’s son, Harry, who goes with her at the same grade in high school, see her crossing his backyard. To many girls, including Karla, he’s a loser and a pervert, and virgin, because any girl wants to date (and have sex) with him. Also, Harry tried, in vane, to date with Karla in the past. Now, he had his chance to get revenge on Karla for reject him:
- Oh my god, Karla, you’re totally naked, in my garden!!, Harry said
- Please, Harry, don’t said to anybody that I’m naked, please!!, Karla said, desesperate
- Ok, but with two conditions: firstly, I want 2 photos of you in your birthday suit, and second, I want to have sex with you., Harry said
- Please! No!, Karla said desesperately.
- Or I will tell every boy in high school the size of your butt and your breasts or better, I will invite them to my house to look at your naked glory, Harry said, smiling.
- Ok, it’s a deal, Karla said
- First, one of your back, and next, one of your breasts and vagina. Without covering - Harry said, after seeing that Karla covers her breasts.
Harry took the photos, and for Karla, that is the worst night in her life.

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