So this happened about a month ago now, I was at my local mall wandering around at about 1pm. I had just finished a 6 hour work shift, and since it was so busy, I was unable to take a toilet break, and I had to pee. Bad.

I headed to the bathroom straight away, washed my hands and headed out into public again.. I had my earphones in listening to some sweet tunes when I noticed that several people were staring at me, some smiling, some just trying not to look.

Anyway, I didn't take much notice and continued wandering about.. I ordered a coffee and a salad and sat down for lunch across two tables from a cute brunette girl, (she was older than me.. possible in her late teens or early twenties) I smiled at her before eating my salad and she smiled back..

A few minutes later I glanced up to see the girl across from me staring under my table! I was very confused and decided to have a look for myself as well.. I glanced down and saw my penis hanging, fully exposed out of my fly!

I sorta panicked a little and covered it with my hand, I acted natural and looked at the girl slightly, she was blushing and trying her best to look at her magazine and pretend that she was never looking in the first place.

After a few mins of thinking I decided to let her look a little, since she seemed interested.. so I took my hand away and her eyes immediately shot to my groin again .. this was a real thrill for me and she seemed to like it..

So once I finished my lunch I realised that the bin was right by this girl so I got up and walked past her, with it still hanging out and I could clearly see on her face, this huge grin.. and yeah she gave me her number and we are now good friends ;) .. (the rest is another story)..

Thanks for reading :3
deadunicorn deadunicorn
18-21, M
Feb 2, 2013