Many years ago in school, I was playing in the school football/soccer team with a fair amount of crowd watching. It was a wet day and the pitch was pretty churned up and muddy. All I remember is that after going in for a stretching slide tackle, I stood and carried on playing despite my own mud-caked tackle coming out the side of my hitched up shorts. In fairness, despite the gut wrenching embarrassment, it made me quite the popular chap in the aftermath. :)
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Your story reminded me of something that happened years ago.. Middle School. We played in the front lawn, where all the bored students watched us in other classes. Peering down at the front lawn.. Bored..
Our P.E. class.. Front and central.. like all the others.

Flag football was on the menu..

One of my mates had the idea of tying the flags to his jock strap. (The jock strap was mandatory during this time frame. ) Anyone remember this?
The P.E. Check??

Guess you know now what happened.. It did!!!

Down came his Gym shorts.., Jock Strap.. and, Well all was exposed.

It caused a flurry of chat among the girls.. One complete Buzz..

Bare white ***, and little limp ****, all exposed.

The girls that saw.. buzzed, the story with others..Wild Fire!!

I guess it takes an accident to turn on the fair female?? True??

I kinda wish it were me..

An event never repeated.