Did This While Watching "Lost"

opened a chilled bottle of viognier to sip while watching Lost. well, i realized at the end of the show, i went to put the cork back in and it was all gone. oops!! 

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1 Response Feb 13, 2009

Aaaahh! Nothing like a great bottle of wine to make an evening complete ... reminds me of an old Foghat tune ...<br />
"My brain is cloudy and my eyes are sore ... I told myself I wouldn't drink no more ... A bad hangover's somethin' I can't stand, but here I am with a jug in my hand ........ Oooo-oooo trouble trouble ... worries on my mind. Goin' down to the cellar, get some of that mellow wine ...<br />
<br />
... Enjoy! :-D