I Accidently Got Someone Pregnant That Im Not Supposed To

What a bold group & group title huh? I know im not a chick and i know that i cant get pregnant. im not too sure how long this will be kept up before it is pulled but i was here & saw the group pop up and saw only 1 story and saw that it hasn't been retrieved by EP so i decided to throw my hat into the ring and share my exploit. yes, it i have accidentally inseminated a biological 1st cousin of mine in the past but it didn't pan out. but under what society calls taboo, im committing the act. im romantically involved with someone society says i shouldn't and in my intimate and physical relationship, like many "regular" relationships, it has it ups and downs and trials and tribulations. of those, the age old haunt in any relationship: procreation stepped into mine when it did. in the many lapses of judgement that attached to my perdiciment, pregnancy was one i should have been mindful of. in one of these forbidden relationships, i did get my cousin pregnant but that didnt carry to full term and in my/our case, we got lucky. lucky in that we didnt have to explain to our family of what transpired and all the baggage that goes along with that. we learned and have since been on birth control, or she has. its been a long and so far complicated relationship so far but still going strong. Ive been an EP member for some time now and shared many of my exploits. this isnt the only cousin relationship ive been in. the Nookie is awesome with the current one i would still have to say. i think the thrill of doing something we shouldnt has faded in a way in what we have but at the same time, we connect and although the sex has decreased and got less adventurous but none the less, were still happily being with each other. i have yet to find anyone whos in the same boat as mine in real life. me and my cousin have been wanting to let others into our so small circle of secrecy that we refer it. thats those who know were cousins and lovers and are ok wit it. other than 1 other person who ive actually only met here on EP, no ones been in the same boat but they say things one's looking for finds them when theyre not looking.
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I am deep into cousin love. I am married with someone else but having relationship with my first cousin. both of us enjoy it. for details of our regular exploits read my stories.

I have a cousin that I have been infatuated with my whole life. We are the same age, share the same interests, and get along so well it is like we are best friends. Not to mention I think she is very good looking.

Nothing has ever happened between us and never will but if there was ever the chance or I found out that she felt the same way even a little bit I would not hesitate to make a move.

Just so you know, and this sounds very redneck of me, it is not illegal to marry a cousin in most states in the US. Just very Taboo.

Next time make that pregnancy stick! You really want to just hand that privilege off to a different guy? It will happen sooner than you think, and you will regret it! Take it from someone who knows. My cousin recently told me she would have given me 3 kids by now if I had let her - 10 years later.