But why?

So the story is I was talking with my best friend last night. I decided to make the conversation intense and deep so we could dwelve more into our lives.

I started with one question. It wasn't a hard question.
"Whats your goal"

I asked her this cause I wanted to know what she wanted to accomplish out of her life.

Now let me note to say that my friend is a really negative and depressing person.
Her answer was, " Nothing."
The conversation continued as
Me: Why?
Her: Because.
Me: Because why?
Her: I don't want a goal.
Me: Everyone needs a goal.
Her: Not me.
Me: What about the goal of being happy?
Her: I've never been happy.
Me: Why?
Her: Because I've never been happy. Not one moment of my life.
Me: Why don't you try it?
Her: Because I don't want to be happy.
Me: There has to be something holding you back from being happy?
Her: Its cause I'm fat.
Me: Then make that your goal. To not be fat.

She didn't answer. She changed the subject and I followed.

The next morning, she writes on facebook saying, "Deep conversations with ___________"  hurt.
That in the end hurt me.

People feel so afraid of their problems that they don't want to fix it.

But why?

SkyeRo SkyeRo
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1 Response Jul 29, 2010

YOU didn't directly hurt her. But it's obviously a touchy subject, one she's not happy talking about. She's built up her walls around her, and her defense is trying to change the subject. Most often, it's because she doesn't want people to see how much she hurts.<br />
<br />
Don't assume she's mad at you - if she acts like she is, it's probably just afraid you'll go into the subject again. If you want to, you can apologize to her for making her feel uncomfortable and let her know you won't talk about it unless she wants to. That should straighten things back =)