Twice Now...

This has happened to me twice now, both times in similar circumstances.

The first time was when I was at University. There was a girl on my course who I had a crush on and on thursday mornings we had a lecture at 9am, so I would call on her on my way there so we could walk there together. One morning I knocked on her door and she answered, looking bleary eyed and wearing the T-shirt she had slept in. She apologized for oversleeping and invited me in, then went back upstairs to get ready, although she obviously didn't realise that her T-shirt did nothing to protect her modesty; As I glanced up the stairs I was surprised that she wasn't wearing any panties and was greeted with a perfect view of her hairy ***** each time her legs parted to take the next step. I was too polite to say anything and to this day we are still friends, although she has no idea I've seen her *****...

The second time was when I had just moved into a new house. It was a big old Victorian house split over three floors and shared by nine people. I was just unpacking and someone knocked on the door to my room - It was the girl from the room next door offering to show me around. She had medium length brown hair, glasses and was slightly plump and was wearing a short pink skirt that barely covered her butt. As she was showing me around, she lead the way up each flight of stairs and again I was surprised to see I was looking at another panty-less crotch. I still don't know whether this time was accidental of a deliberate flash, but again I was too polite to mention it. I wish now that I'd pushed a little harder to find out...
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It is so exciting to get a peek at a girl's kitty whether it is intentional or not. Stairs are a great place to have the chance. I have to agree the second one was probably doing it on purpose.

the stairs are perfect for catching a glimpse under a girls skirt. I remember doing that in school. lol<br />
never saw any pantiless though