Long Distant

I meet the perfect man while I was traveling overseas. He was the most compatible person to have crossed my path  so far.

 We spent some time online continuing and sharing our affection. It soon came clear though That it wasn't going to go any further, so we stopped being in touch. Time has pasted now and by all means i should be over this and yet am not. My heart is heavy and sad, I have no interest in meeting any one new. I i may even be creating a bad attitude about love. 'I don't need it', 'I can be single forever''I don't care about love/relationships'. I don't like these thoughts i think i am protecting my heart by saying them.  When the truth is I don't want  to be alone any more. I want to be love and to love. I  only feel half alive and empty inside my heart.

druka druka
1 Response Mar 9, 2010

There are no perfect men. Find an 'almost' one closer to home. You put an unreasonable burden on him and yourself by even thinking about perfection.