My Life

where to i go from here i learnt stuff in last few week that means my life cant really improve unless i do things i dont want to do.i find so hard trust people so i cant do what i may need to so i am stuck i feel hopeless and losed in pain and suffering there seems no way out .the main thing i have a very loving partner so there is something same dont have so should be happy but i see no way out of my inner pain and suffering
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3 Responses May 5, 2012

I too am here if you need to talk. I do understand that inner pain and the forces that may drive you to do things you may not want to do. I know what it is to become the captain of your own ship both the good and bad of it.I also know what it is to not be understood. so take heart and know you are not alone. jack


I can be trusted and i am here if and when you need to talk . I know is usually earned with time:)

that so kind means so much honeyxx