I Am Ugly Because Of Acne.

you know how out of a group of friends, there is always the ugly one to make the other friends look beautiful...well im the ugly one. i think i would be so much prettier if i just didnt have acne on my face, back and chest. i have lost somebody i love now cause of my acne, i am missing out on fun, and all other things. for more details on my story go to my other story on my profile which is called, "I have acne and i dont feel beautiful."

AcneFaced AcneFaced
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1 Response Feb 22, 2010

I know the feeling. I have it too. have had it for ten years now (I'm 19 now) I never go swimming, never go out...But I have been lucky enough to find somebody who says I still look pretty without makeup and who cares about me as a person. You will find somebody too and the person you "lost" lost you, because he didn't deserve you. You didn't lose a thing that was worth to be kept.