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Mommy wrote a story about our weekend and now I get to put it up for everyone to see. I lot of it is true but not all of it.

The Kidnapping of Sasuke and Amarah Snape

(We dragged my sister Jade along too!)

I got Sasuke early this weekend (usually I get him on Friday but today is Thursday) so I’m very excited. He came over after I got out of school. As soon as he got in the door he needed changed (he seems to always pee in the car). I went over to the gas station and got subs for dinner before Jade came over to visit. We ended up watching Resident Evil Degeneration because Jade had never seen it before and Sasuke loves scary movies. Half way through the movie you could tell Sasuke needed to go potty but didn’t want to miss the movie even though he’s seen it about seventeen times. I paused the movie and asked him if he had to go. Sasuke of course said no, so I asked if he wanted me to bring his potty into the living room and he only nodded while sitting on his foot. I grabbed the changing mat and Elmo training potty from the bathroom and took them to the living room. I laid out the changing mat before setting the potty on it (Sasuke doesn’t always remember to keep it tucked and sometimes pees on the floor so the mat protects the carpet). Sasuke already had Jade remove his diaper (I don’t make him wear pants unless we’re going somewhere) and Sasuke was waiting with both hands on his bottom. As soon as I sat that potty down he sat on it and went. I was so proud of him. He continued to sit there while we watched the rest of the movie but never peed (oh well). I wiped him and began to clean out the potty as Jade put him in a fresh diaper. Not long after Sasuke came to me while I was doing the dishes and said “Mommy I went wee-wee in my diapy.” Jade overheard and took Sasuke back to the living room to change him.

Next Day

Jade ended up spending the night since it had gotten so late. Well the first part of the day was spent by watching movies both on TV and films on you tube. Later Jade kept an eye on Sasuke while I went to a meeting at the doctor's office where I'll be doing my internship at. After I got back we all went for a nice long walk around town. Sasuke had fun running around and playing with sticks but I had to keep him on the harness and leash so he wouldn't run out in front of any cars and he didn't like that very much. Jade meanwhile sang songs and lagged behind pushing the stroller. Sasuke began to get tired so we put him back in the stroller and headed for home. We were almost there when Sasuke declared (I mean yelled loud enough for the whole town to hear) that he had to go potty now! I told him we'd be home in just a minute or two but he said it was already coming out. I'm glad I still keep him in diapers (pull-ups are hard to deal with when there's a big load in them) and it was a big load. Once we got home I immediately changed Sasuke and then we could relax.

Later On

My brother Nick came over around noon and took us to Wal-Mart to get a Diaper Genie which everyone kept saying we needed. We returned home and watched Blood the Last Vampire to Sasuke's request. After awhile Nick said he was going to kidnap us for a bit. Sasuke, not understanding the word kidnap, had said "I'm not sleepy! I just took a nap!" So Nick had to explain it to him. We went to see a comedy improv that was really good. Sasuke didn't understand all of it but still seemed to have fun. He even yelled "Monkey" at one point for them to use.

After the show we went out to the Steak and Shake for milkshakes. While we were ordering I noticed Sasuke was pulling at his diaper and since I'm trying to potty train him I asked if he had to pee. Sasuke said "I went while those people were making everyone laugh." Our friend Julian checked and sure enough Sasuke was soaked. I was already trapped on the inside of the booth and powerless to do anything for him. Jade was also trapped on the inside of her booth and Sasuke really needed changed. That diaper was not gonna hold much longer. Luckily Nick volunteered to change him. They went into the bathroom while the rest of us waited for the food.

A Few Minutes Later

Sasuke comes running from the bathroom, naked from the waist down and crying. After crawling under the table and clinging to my skirt he whimpers “Uncle Nicky’s Scary.” By that point a dripping wet Nick emerged from the bathroom, pointed at me, and said “I’m never changing him again! He pissed all over me!” The whole restaurant burst out laughing (even complete strangers) and Julian reaches under the table to hi-five Sasuke and said “Good one kiddo!” He then offered to take Sasuke back into the men’s room (since the diaper bag was still in there) and finish the job. Surprisingly Sasuke went with him and came back smiling. Nick had calmed down by then, changed into a shirt he had in his car, and apologized for yelling at Sasuke. Sasuke gave him a hug and said “I’m sorry I went wee-wee on you.”

We didn’t get home until really late and by then Sasuke was sound asleep in the car. I carried him in while Jade got the diaper bag and we left Nick to remove the car seat and bring it back inside. I laid Sasuke in his crib before going and saying goodbye to my brother. Jade would be spending the night. After only a minute Sasuke was up and complaining. Jade went to make him a bottle while I went to get him (he always sleeps on the pull-out couch when Jade spends the night). I asked what was wrong and he said “My diapy all wet again.” I put the changing mat on the pull-out bed in the living room and changed him while he drank a bottle of warm formula and fell back to sleep. Once Jade and Sasuke were comfortable I went to bed.

The Next Day

It’s really nice when your baby sitter spends the night. I didn’t have to get up until noon! Sasuke was the one who woke me up because he wanted to go out to eat. We went to the hot dog place in town and it was yucky as Sasuke put it. They burned our sweet potato fries and our fried pickles. Poor little Sasuke’s hot dogs tasted like soap! Our burgers were burned as well, the tomatoes weren’t ripe, the lettuce was old, and Jade had asked for no mustard or ketchup but they put it on. We won’t be eating there ever again.

A Little Later On

Jade and I were talking about what to do next weekend when we realized Sasuke was no longer in the room. We quickly split up. I ran into the bedroom as Jade ran for the bathroom as we always do when he disappears. I found him sitting on the floor with my eyeliner and a mirror. Here he had drawn Naruto whiskers on his face. The eyeliner’s the cheaper stuff so I wasn’t mad, I even let him draw them on me and Jade as well. We then went over to the gas station because we were out of milk and Sasuke just has to have his milk. The rest of the day was relaxation as Sasuke took a late nap and slept four and a half hours.

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That was a great story! Are you doing to continue you it?