I Never Knew..

that i acted like a cat until my hubby told me. Altho he said i act like a puma. He said I always have to have some mouse/creature/victim to keep my paws busy. I like my own place/space and stay off of it....that i tend to sit on the back of the sofa flicking my tail back & forth watching everyone in the house or if i want attention i will come down from there and lay my legs on him. i keep to myself very much and tend to stalk those close to me...just to watch them or shred them if they **** me off.  i really hate cats in real life..they make me sneeze and they are moody ... i was told cats dont like other cats.
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Interesting...very insightfuI, and does sound like a puma =)<br />
did notice the cat-hate thing, but cats seem to love me, whereas dogs hate me...<br />
<br />
Fun fact of the day: did you know pumas can purr?<br />
Makes up for the fact they can't roar (and is why they're classified as a small cat; I mean, they're tied with the leopard in 4th largest feline!)

thanks for the comment :)