Every One Who Knows Me Says I'm 50 To 60 Percent Cat

I purr and push into your hand when you pat me on the head or pet me. I love cuddles. I am very easily amused, and very easily distracted, and very easily bored as well. I enjoy playing with string and little jingly or shiny toys esp. balls. I have very fast reflexes. I meow. I frequently make the :3 emoticon. I speak lolspeak when I'm tired. I like to drink half and half out of a little saucer. I love salty food, sweet food, and whipped cream. I love stretching. I lick my wrists or knuckles and then smooth my eyebrows. I sleep either all curled up or stretched out in an awkward looking position. I love to play. I have to fight the urge to snarl and make teethy faces when I'm realllllly angry. I don't like getting my face wet. I enjoy pouncing on people I love (at least, those that will let me.) I enjoy tearing sandwich bags to shreds with my nails. I sometimes think of them as claws. If you poke my face too much, I will playfully bite your finger. I loooove tassels. I like being very clean. I sniff new foods before I eat them. I have the capacity to be very silly, and also to be very comforting when I know someone is feeling blue. And, apparently I look like "a cute lil kitty cat" when I eat food that I really really like. EDIT: I forgot to mention, if I really like you, and I want attention I'll rub my head into you or but you gently w/ the top of my head.

TheOcelot TheOcelot
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@ dorobo, strangely I like it a lot. My favorite thing is to be in the tub or a pool. just as long as my face is above the water. if my face gets wet I totally freak out. I can't even wash my face in the shower like "normal" people do. :P

@ the living poet, I'm not sure, I've never dared go near it. I usually am really hyper and distractable & I tend to like to stay substance free anyway... I'm not against it though. Just a scaredy cat :3<br />
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@ mediocre, thank you :3

very cool

Do you like catnip too?

@ koyptakh, :) yes I know, I do that too :3 But for me it's more like saying "i love you" . <br />
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@Meowdaloiia, Lol, yes. I reserve my claws for platci baggies :3 and I only made a scary face at this one person b/c she's really mean. :( she didn't really take it seriously tho :P<br />
But yes, lets be friends for sure, you seem really cool! :3

Hi TheOcelot <br />
I have 3 cats and one thing cats do is bl<x>ink their eyes at you to show friendship or greeting or maybe respect. I think it means I am so at ease with you I can even shut my eyes. If you respond with a slow bl<x>ink then it is like accepting their peace gesture. They do it to each other. Is like being a member of the group of cats. You can do it with cats in the street and often they bl<x>ink back. Is a sociable thing to do!<br />

cool! you seem very catlike and that is a good thing but be careful with the claws, you could hurt someone, (little mistake i made when i was more than a little upset!) i love that sort of food as well! lets be friends!!!! :3 and dont make too many scary faces at peoplei did that too and got myself in a very unpleasant situation. its fun to do that to people who understand you, thought see ya! cute lil kitty cat!<br />
*purrs happily at you*