I Really Love Cats

When I was a toddler about four or five my neighbours had lots of cats and they used to come over the fence so that I could stroke them and I would play with them at that time I never had cats. Now I do have cats because I whould bug my mum to have one when I snarl and hiss at an unwelcomed cat (that is starts to fight with other cats) it runs off fast and really gets scared ( sometimes though), when its hot in the backyard I normally lay in the sun with my cats and they come and sit right next to me I sometimes purr with them and they purr back HOW CUTE!! one of my cats then rubs its head on my arm its really funny to watch them play and catch suff.
Ilolcats Ilolcats
13-15, F
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

They purr back? Thats adorable! I never had close contact to a cat, my family is allergic, but I am getting a kitten soon! I can't wait to play with it an everything! And I don't mean my holding a toy over it, thats degrading to the cat in my opinion. I will play-fight with it and everything, adn when it comes to actual toys, I will play with the toys too, just so the kitten accepts me as a fellow feline!