Bye Human Abilities Hello Cat Abilities

when i was 10-11 year old i am so weak i cant carry even 7 books until i reached my 12th year old b-day . but on the 1st and 2nd gradings in my grade 6 life i'm still that weak but when the 3rd grading started i actually prayed why i'm very weak then 2 cats pass which is color gray and the other is white and i say i wish i can have a life like a cat and their ability .. then i start dreaming weird things like the cat bast in the ancient Egypt but i think that was a thousand years ago then in the 3rd night i dreamed that i was killed by 10 girls wearing a cat costume and they throw me in some kind of lake and then the waters carried me to the some kind of dump? i think so but the place looks like a dump because theirs a plenty trash in that place then a lot of cats came to me but i am layed in that place i am a kind of awake in that dream but i cant move but i can see all the things that happen then i actually see a claw in the girls hand and all of them start to vanish but the ashes are going to me and also the cats become ash and they start assembling a cats eye in the sky and my mouth opened the all of the ashes are like air that enter in my mouth then a lady appears and she said do i accept all of this and i answered yes.. and my dream ends..

and when i go in the school i just think all that dreams are impossible to be come real but when the little boy start shouting in the stage but his voice are not so sharp i actually get mad because it is like a sonic to my ear it makes me fall to the ground and i am thankful that my friend is their to help me and she know my secret and in that time that was lunch time and thats why there are kids playing around and when im going to home but im the only one that is walking in that place no body else the cat start meowing and the other cat start to go out and after a minute their is al lot of cats that sorround me even in the roof and they all sit and staring at me .. and when 2 persons pass they all back to their proper places and they stop staring at me .. and when the days came by i eat lots and lots of fishes and even their bones except the head i did not eat the head and when i slipt i though i would be injured but my body turns and i land on the floor .. and i say oh! thanks GOD .. and then my smells and hearings are becoming sharp and my sight are sharp too even in the night i can see but my body is still a human ... and some boys that are 9-10 yr old start to make me mad by not showing respect and yelling to me "GAY! YOU DO NOT BELONG in here getouta here and then i start getting mad .. and i yell to them i dont care what you say but i am smarter than anyone of you and then i covered my mouth and ask myself how i do that? i am not as frank like this before.. but they did not stop and i say i whatever it is it make me free and gives me freedom and i told them the gay you've telling, is the gay who will found more than a human" then i start runing very fast and all of them have run but i dont have any claw in that time but i just imagine a claw in my hands and one of them got a scratch on the face and a shirt full of mess .. and now when those boys attacks me their just hurt themselves because when they want to hit me i can here their run and i just face the other side and just block their feet and slipt but i dont let them fall to the ground cuz im sure that hurts so i hold their shirt and make them promise to do not make that again .. and now i can do anything that i want i improve everything to me was improved even pushing a big cabinet i can do now and at desame time i can hung out in the my neighbor's roof with my cat named sapphire and ruby and with the shining moon in the night and now im just 13 ..
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Me to kinda, I've always had a thing for animals because I find them amazing an I've always thought that baby kittens were the cutest SO anyways two years ago we got a cat well, my little brother got a cat for christmas, it was a baby feral kitty probley about idk close to one year old. He didn't want the responsibility that came with a pet so i took her. Since then I've been able to sorta talk to animals, and I climb trees alot although I couldent before.I always was a fast runner and always did have good hearing but those improved. And I think my smell<br />
Hs too though I'm not to sure. I love my cat to death and I guess it thanked me :)

i act a lot like this, and one time, a man was hitting on my sis and woulden't leave her alone, i scrached him witghout even thinking and my blunted, cut nais drew blood. he looked at my freaked and went to the br. other eperiences have happened, but this is most memorable. i am able to speak with animals and my cat told me i was a cat creature. weird.